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    I’m happy your daughter is doing okay she is around the same age as me I believe


    Hi Pam,

    This is such wonderful news. You are a very strong individual and I wish you and Lauren continued success and many more good news stories for a very long time.

    Take Care


    Pam, thank you for giving us an update. So glad to hear that Lauren is doing well.

    Sending my best wishes for quick liver growth and surgery #2.


    Dear Pm, GREAT report! Already walking outside. Fabulous! You’ve gotta be one of the happiest Mamas on the planet! Please give Lauren my love and lets get on with the wedding plans, February will be here in no time at all!


    Great news, Pam!! Wishing Lauren a smooth recovery and lots and lots of liver growth!!

    Take care,



    Hi Everyone,
    I have been updating on FB and thought I should update you too. Wow! I looked back and haven’t updated for a long time. Lauren had her CT scan on Wed. and there was not much growth of the good side of her liver. They had hoped for a large amount of growth, but didn’t happen. Lauren is not disappointed at all. She feels she will be better ready for the second surgery after she gets stronger. Lauren got to come home from the hospital last night and we are staying in Ypsilanti with Kristen and Bruce. Gio and Mark came up last night also. They brought a recliner from my Mom and Dad’s house for Lauren to sit in during the day. She slept in a bed last night without nurses bugging her all night!! And no more hospital food!! That was the worst. She has no drains or anything anymore. I give her a Lovenox shot everyday in her stomach and she is on lasix because she has a lot of fluid buildup around her stomach and in her legs. We will probably go home to Ohio on Monday. Lauren got up this afternoon from her recliner, put some pants, robe, and slippers on and went outside and walked around the cul-de-sac in front of Kristen’s house. She is doing really well. Dr. Sonnenday called her last night and said that he will re-scan her in 2-3 weeks and hopefully her liver has grown by then. He said she has enough good liver to do it now, but would feel better after it had grown more. Lauren also wants to go to her cousin’s wedding on May 4th, so Dr. Sonnenday said the surgery date would be set for after that. I also wanted to tell you that the pathology reports came back from her surgery. The tumors they removed from the left side were all dead! They removed six lymph nodes and only one showed cholangiocarcinoma cells, so hopefully that took care of that. All the rest were clean. Once her right side is removed with the large tumor, it should all be gone!! Lauren is one special girl and has been through so much, but she is strong as ever and ready to fight for the next surgery. Thanks for all your support and I hope everyone is doing well.


    I know it’s not easy to see your daughter like that but continue to stay strong Pam. I know you will get her through this. I think about you guys all the time and continue to keep Lauren in my prayers.



    Hi Pam,

    I’m glad Lauren is going forwards in the right direction. I know what you mean about the tough love – she’ll understand with time. Good luck on Friday and keep looking after yourself too.


    So glad Lauren is moving in the right direction! Thank you for the update. Sending love and prayers your way.


    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for giving us an update on how Lauren is doing, and you most certainly do not have to apologise at all! Thats great that Lauren is making progress and I hope that she gets stronger for her next surgery on Friday. My fingers are crossed here for Lauren.

    Hugs to you both,



    Pam, thank you for the update. You are right to encourage Lauren to be as mobile as possible in between surgeries. It will be easier on her and will help keep complications away. My husband had to be tough on his mom after brain surgery too. Lauren is so brave to go through all this and you are such a strong family. I know you can do this! Glad to hear you are taking a little time for yourself. It is hard to do that when you are going 90 to nothing. Again, thanks for updating us. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


    Pam….thanks for thinking of us. Lauren is covered on this end with love and good wishes – you go, Lauren.


    Pam, thank you so much for taking time to give us an update about Lauren. My best wishes for Part II.


    I’m so happy to hear that Lauren had her surgery and is recovering. My friend went through all the same things–extreme pain, extreme weakness, tubes everywhere, no appetite, discomfort from morphine, etc. I think it’s very common from this surgery, so don’t worry. It all passes. But I should tell you that even three weeks later, my friend still feels sharp pain at odd times, and is still using a cane to walk. I’m told it really takes a good six to eight weeks to get back to normal, and I believe it. (He also needed two stents, and that prolonged his recovery.) I pray Lauren is past the worst of it. I’m glad she’s strong and determined, and she’s certainly lucky to have a mom like you by her side.


    Pam, Lauren has gone through something huge with more coming. I think surgery of almost any kind along with MEDS changes personality and how you eat.
    I am still recouping from my bout with UC and I notice that each week what I “crave” to eat, changes. I was a Diet Coke person my whole life and now I can’t stand it. When I couldn’t hold down water, I craved BBQ ribs, didn’t eat them just craved the taste. Yep. BBQ ribs and Kosher hot dogs. Teddy was a chocoholic and could not stand anythng sweet after his Whipple….well, except for me. Hope I gave you some chuckles, take care of Pamela and everything is crossed for Part II. We all
    love you and your family.

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