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    I leaked all the time. Like I said before, a leaking drain was far more painful than the liver surgery. I had 3 new tubes and another 3 adjustments in a month. Yes, leaking can start over again once you go home. The good news is there is a certain “feeling” you recognise so you can go back to the hospital before it becomes excruciating. Believe me, once you know the feeling of a leaking drain you remember it and GET TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP and they can adjust the drain and manage the pain before it sets it like it does when you first get the drain. You recognise it is plugging up because the “fire” feeling of having your insides eaten away by acid starts to fade. You might still feel pain from the actual drain where it is rubbing, but it is bearable with pain killers. Your brother will know what I mean by “fire”. When that lessens, things are on the up.

    I know this might sound obvious, but if he stays still it will not hurt as much and in my experience, the leaking stopped quicker. It was when I didnt listen to my body and would do stupid things like clean the house or walk (despite feeling the beginnng of the “fire”) that things would go rapidly down hill and I would have intense pain and end up back in the hospital. On the other side, if I just stopped and stayed in bed for a couple of days, the “fire” would go away.

    The other thing I noticed was that different nurses have different techniques to clean and flush the drain. I am positive that one nurse and her rough handeling caused the drain to shift and leak again. So ask your brother to watch the nurses and see if anyone is being too rough and if so to bring it up with someone.


    Help! my brother has been in the hospital since Monday battling leaking bile…they’ve re-done or moved his drain tubes every day and today he said he’s not leaking out the tube hole-yet-but is leaking out one of the new empty holes from a previous tube. One of the doctors came in this morning and said that “we can’t keep you” but yet they can’t let him go while he’s leaking! He called him the “mystery man” which didn’t inspire confidence. He’s starting to have some anxiety over why this is continuing, and I want to be able to tell him this isn’t unusual…anyone have the same experience? The big doctor came in a bit ago and said the old hole should dry up in day or so and isn’t concerned.
    my brother is concerned that even if it stops leaking, he’ll go home and it will all start over again! how do you recognize that it’s plugging up?

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