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    I’m cheering you on, Grover!!! :D




    Grover, I had a resection 4/9/09, and it’s not too bad. I was on the way home on Sunday the same week as the surgery. Not much different than any abdominal surgery, although this is a little more involved. Recuperation and discomfort wasn’t too bad either.

    You’ll do fine. Looking forward to your giving us feedback after your surgery. Good luck!


    Hi Grover,

    Good luck Grover for Thursday! I hope it all goes well. Tons and tons of positive thoughts coming your way from over here! I’ll put my cheerleaders outfit on and jump around if it will help here!!

    Best wishes,



    Gimme a G… Gimme an R!!! Here come the cheerleaders!!
    Go Grover! I can’t wait to hear your post in a few days.
    I will have to tell you it’s a bit of a shock when you first try to get up. So brace yourself. I’d never had surgery since I was a kid, and have been healthy most of my adult life, so the first surgery kinda shocked me. But I was walking 1/2 mile in a few days. Up to a mile by day 6 or 7.
    I’m also with you on the wait. I was told Jan 20 and have been trying to figure out what’s going on since then. Nothing much else to post until I get thru the embolization on Monday March 5…
    Grover, I am sending all kinds of positive vibes and prayers your way for Thursday and beyond.



    Good luck, Grover!!!!!!!!

    Take care,



    Grover I have had two liver resections and you will do great. Let me know if you have any questions 330-903-6868 cell. I will be praying for you. Lisa


    Dearest Grover, I am PRAYING, CHEERING, SENDING GOOD VIBES, AND THINKING OF YOU. Please do not be afraid. At 730PM we expect a post from you!!!!!!! LOL!


    Thursday at 7:30 AM EST I will be in surgery for a resection. Would appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts that can be sent my way. Never having had surgery of any type, I’m a little apprehensive. See my blog today for my surgery humor, it’s G rated don’t be afraid.


    Kris, what’s up with your news on a resection on April 4th. Why are you not shouting it out. I thought I saw it, and couldn’t find it, finally did buried in some other thread.

    Congratulations, will be thinking of you and praying for success. The wait is hard as I knew on Feb. 3rd and it is finally here, just want to get it over and on the road to recovery.

    We all should start of photo page somewhere to compare scars…………hahahaha

    Thinking of you all, thanks for the support and luv felt on this board.

    Grover 😎

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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