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    Lainy,I am really happy to hear your news Janet x


    Lainy…you always know how to brighten our day and you did it again with sharing this great news. Congratulations.
    As always,
    Best wishes,


    Lainy and Teddy!

    WHAT AWESOME NEWS! You guys just keep KICKIN’ that cancer! And keep those feet a dancin! I’m so happy for the both of you.



    Hi Family, it’s Teddy & Lainy here with some awesome news. Our Oncologist called us about an hour ago with our test results from last weeks PET and MRI.

    Teddy: Totally clean in bile ducts, pancreas and liver!! Now we really don’t know where the rising CA19 is coming from and we kind of don’t care anymore.
    Just doesn’t get any better than this. A 41/2 year Whipple survivor and at 77 still going strong.

    Lainy: Pet Scan showed no cancer. There seems to be an inflammation at the end of the scar where everything kind of packages together and I do believe its playing a little with my tummy but no cancer. Mine was a GIST tumor an other rare and returning cancer. When I say we are having our own couples cancer dance I am not kidding and the dancing must be what is helping. Keep those tunes playing!

    Yesterday moved my 93 yr old mom to a better facility than where she was and that was a huge amount of stress. I always tell my kids that just when you feel you can’t get any lower something (s) always happens to turn your luck around!!! :):):)

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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