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    Yes let’s hope that 2016 will bring great advances towards a cure for this terrible disease. Glad you had this time together and hope you will be able to do the same next year. Wishing your sister the best with her treatments. Looking forward to hearing how she is doing. I am sending you all lots of positive thoughts and prayers.

    Love & Hugs,


    thank you to everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. today will be a difficult day. our sister who lives in sweden came to visit for the holidays and is going home tomorrow and as i said chemo starts monday. it was such a good few weeks being together. we said a toast on new years eve that we will all be together again for next new year. i now pray that our dream will come true. thank you again and my positive thoughts, wishes and prayers are sent to all of you here as well as those who are dealing with this awful cancer who haven’t found our group of wonderful people on this site yet.


    Thanks for the update on your sister Sally and a ton of positive thoughts are coming her way for everything. Keeping everything crossed for her and for the CT results as well.

    And yep for sure lets hope that 2016 is the year for the cure!





    Prayers for your sister that the CT scan in 3 weeks will show that the chemo has controled the spread of the CC I’m glad to hear that she was able to enjoy her Christmas and New year holidays.

    Prayers also for everyone here , patients and caregivers alike, for a cure.

    Julie T.


    Dearest Sallypa, we thank you so very much and so happy to see your smiling face again! I cannot believe it has been 5 years already. I say, Amen to your wishes for the New Year new treatments or a CURE would be fantastic. Take care of yourself too.


    another year has begun. my sister has been dealing with this disease for over 5 years now. they had to stop chemo over the holidays as the side effects to her hands and feet from the xeloda were very bad. the good news was she was able to enjoy christmas and new years. the bad is there is no treatment right now so we dont know how her cancer is reacting. she will start again on monday with no guarantee the chemo will do anything other then make her sick and cause the awful side effects. after 3 weeks they will do a ct scan to see if it has helped control the spread of this disease.
    the new year brings hope for at least better treatments. i want to spend many more new years days with her. i pray that some doctor or researcher will find the cure for her and everyone who has his horrible disease. best wishes to everyone on this board for a happy, healthy and blessed 2016.

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