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    I had my surgery at Edinburgh Royal by Prof. Garden. He is world reknown (my local doctor in Greenwood, South Carolina had heard of him!). He is the Royal surgeon, or whatever the title is, and he is the one that operates on all those people who dont eat in diners. He is NHS and overall a very LOVELY man. It might be beneficial to send your scans to him and get his opinion on surgery.

    As an American who was diagnosed and first treated in Scotland while a student there, I cant imagine that I would have gotten better treatment in any other hospital–whether NHS or not. In fact, when I came back to the US for a visit, I talked with an oncologist at a research hospital here and was told that for things like surgery, countries with socialised medicine are actually often better than the US because they are more centralised so doctors have better and more experience in difficult cases. Not trying to nag, just relate my experience. Best of luck finding a treatment.



    I would suggest that you contact Dr Wasan at the Hammersmith Hospital. When my husband,Anthony was suffering from this disease we did a lot of research and went to various places, including the London Oncology Clinic, London Bridge Hospital, Barts, Guys and King’s College (which is where my husband received most of his treatment and where they are particularly expert in terms of ERCPs and liver surgery). However, I feel that if you are looking for someone innovative and very positive with a lot of experience with cholangiocarcinoma who is prepared to do treatments like sir-spheres if appropriate, then I would contact Dr Wasan’s secretary on 0208383 3057. I hope this is helpful. I don’t know about the 3DMRI.
    Wishing you and your mum all the very best. Please ask me for more information if you need it. We did so much work on this that I would like to be able to help others even though my darling husband has recently died and had no luck at any stage of this awful disease.


    andyuk…..hello and welcome. Reading through the lengthy posts can be time consuming however, I would like to suggest for you to read up on Professor Peter Lodge in Leeds. He has been treating several patients in the UK. You may enter “Professor Lodge” in the search function and several threads will appear wich I believe are worth reading. Your questions in re: to Dr. Lodge may very well be answered by members on this site, also. So sorry for you having to join us but, so glad for you to have found us. I have never encountered a nicer bunch of people who are so willing to share their experiences while sharing their knowledge with tons of support for each other. My absolute best wishes to your mum and you.


    Hello Everyone.

    My mum has recently been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and here in the UK the NHS has given us very little hope? Infact we have been told she will have anywhere between 6-9 months to live with chemo. The cancer is said to have started in the bile ducts and is now effecting all 3 hepatic valves in the liver. Her liver function is normal at this stage and she feels perfectly healthy.

    Here in the UK there is alot speculations about the national health system so we decided to seek other opinions. After alot of research we came across Dr Canady’s work and quickly found out that he had saved alot of people. We are currently in talks with him at the moment and he has been very helpful.

    At this stage we are trying to locate somewhere that can do 3D MRI scan in the UK but we are struggling to find anywhere?

    Does anyone have any advice or experiances? We are also looking at private health clinics like the London Oncology Clinic…. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated!!!


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