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    I am so sorry to hear you were not able to have the surgery. Never give up hope tho. As you know, we went thru that a year ago, and Tues. my husband did have successful surgery. I will keep you in my prayers.


    Thank you, everyone, for responding with your heartfelt feelings – You all understand what I’m going through, and I cry with you or feel joy for you every time I get on this site. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

    My surgeon didn’t call today so I don’t know if the ascites biopsy is back or not….a long weekend again. If a person has ascites once, does that mean a turn for the worse and that there will be more and more fluid?

    Today I’m trying to put on a happy face for my daughter because she is leaving on Monday. My happy face is actually a little scary.

    I always ask God to wrap his arms around me and give me some peace, and it helps so I wish that for you all too.



    So sorry that the liver resection had to be aborted for the reasons you described. Unfortunately, this has happened many times before to many others as the true extent of the disease seems to be visible only during surgery. Scans simply, at this point, are not refined enough to detect certain developments caused by this cancer such as ascities, for example. Don’t give up hope as something else may be suggested for your next step in battling this cancer.
    Sending tons of love, hugs, hope, and good wishes your way.


    So very sorry to hear about your aborted surgery. We are all pulling for you and we light a candle every Sunday for every one on this site. After all its really up to the man upstairs and he has many twist and turns for us. You never know what miracle he may have in store for you! By the way love your name, I have a great niece Sophie Marie! Stay strong, keep your spirit up and know we are all thinking of you.


    I’m so sorry sophie. My fiance was diagnosed in oct. of 06 and did have a major surgery that all other dr.’s said was not possible. We just learned of a recurrence and now we are just lost. I finally give up. I have to put it in Gods hands and trust him because at this point his health is deteriorating pretty quickly. I wish you the absolute best and will pray for you.



    I had a similar thing happen to me. We were all positive about a liver resection, but after they opened me up they found out that the tumor had grown into the IVC, so they closed me back up again.
    I know it is very disappointing.
    Hang in there and don’t give up hope.


    I am so sorry that the resection didn’t work out for you, and that you have had all this bad news. I was heartened, and hope you are too, to read Mary’s note – that is very encouraging, isn’t it? We are all here for you – keep the faith.



    I’m sorry Sophie that things didn’t work out. We went through the same thing 2 years ago but at least my husbands liver was healthy. He had some necrosis from the lack of blood flow to his left lobe but no disease. I would really concentrate on supplements and foods that can provide optimal liver health. I did a lot of research and really started giving Tom supplements and foods that weren’t just anti-carcinogenic but were really good for his liver.I really believe it has helped. Also I talked to a women a year ago who told me her husband had CC and cirrhosis and was doing just fine with no treatments what so ever. He had an external drain and they were just scanning him to keep track of things. He had been diagnosed for several years. I guess it just depends on the individual and the type of cancer but there really is hope. Take care and concentrate on getting as healthy as possible! Mary


    Hello Everyone, I was released from hospital today after having the liver resection aborted on Monday. The left lobe that was supposed to regenerate is filled with cirrhosis. I have never drunk or smoked ever, and we’re all including the doctors just stunned. It could be that I’m genetically predisposed to a fatty liver condition, and my eating habits may have influenced that or who knows? The surgeon said something about checking for a hepititis background, but I sure don’t forsee that. I’m a teacher, and we’re always checked. The CAT scans I have had never showed any sign of this plus the surgeon also found ascites in my abdomen area which did not show on the scan. This is the first time I’ve ever had any fluid retention there. Now we’re waiting until Friday to hear what the biopsy on the fluid says. We’re back to no plan. I am just so sad and am losing heart. I hope that Wables husband did get his surgery and resection was successful.

    My prayers for all of you,

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