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    Hello Crissie,
    When my mom was diagnosed she was the first. There is no one in her family history with this condition. It was a shock to all, and I don’t concern myself for it to be in my genetic makeup. I would just go for my regular physicals and blood work, but don’t be paranoid. Just try to live a healthy lifestyle.



    I’m sorry that you lost your dad to this awful disease. Just wanted to say I agree with Gavin and Darla. When my husband was diagnosed, I was worried that my sons might develop cc, and I scoured the Internet searching for information on this topic. Every bit of information I came across indicated that there is no evidence of a genetic inheritance. I hope this is also reassuring. I also hope that soon we will have tests to screen for cc that will enable doctors to diagnose it at a much earlier stage. Early detection would greatly increase curative treatment options and result in better survival rates.



    Great post Gavin and I totally agree. :)


    Hi Crissie,

    I do not blame you for being paranoid about CC but please know that as far as I am aware there is no evidence at all to support the idea that CC is an inherited cancer. I have not come across anything at all that would suggest that it can be inherited from one generation to the next. My dad died of CC back in 2009 so I so know where you are coming from here but IMO, please do not worry about this.

    Go live your life, enjoy your wine and please try not to worry about this. And if it helps in any way, please know as well that I don’t worry about my developing CC at some point just because my dad had it.

    I hope some of that help.



    PS – Enjoy your wine tonight!


    My father died of cholangiocarcinoma. Should I have my liver enzymes drawn yearly? Should I stop drinking my glass or two of wine a day?

    I am so paranoid.

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