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    I am feeling for you, especially as I await a liver resection myself and am already having all kinds of digestive issues from the stents and biliary drainage systems, so the thought of more of the same after surgery is unpleasant indeed!

    I too am young, 45, so you can see you are not alone by any means in the age category.

    I am so sorry about the discovery of something in your lymph node, one of my great fears, to go through all this hell of prodecures and major surgery and still have all kinds of problems down the road.

    I keep positive by still hoping for the best but it gets hard to do when I hear all these stories about what seems to be a downward trend with this kind of cancer.

    Keep coming back her for support, it makes a world of difference to dialog with people who understand like no one else can.


    Dear Carol,

    I admire your positive attitude, but we do all struggle at times, don’t we? We are only human. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. Life is unfair. Someone on this site said that when they asked themselves why me? They then stopped & thought why not me? That really made me stop & think. How true that is. As you said, there are no answers. I will be hoping for the best out come for you with your surgery. Keep posting & let us know how things are progressing. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Stay strong & keep that great attitude. Know that we are all here for you.

    Love & Hugs,


    I have just had confirmation through a pet ct scan that there is a growth on one of my lymph nodes I am having it removed on 14 April 2009. The surgery I am having is called paraaortic lymphadenectomy? I have been on the internet to find out more and its quite scary? I do not know what I wrong with me and I am not getting really scared? My surgeon has told me he is still not sure what it is so wants to remove it and do a biopsy but has told me if its cancerous I will need to have a course of chemo this time! There are so many things this could be? Why do we have to go through this? I am feeling a little sorry for myself this time around although normally I am very positive I am struggling at this time? I have never smoked or done drugs or abused my body! Oh well what will be will be – but one things for sure I am not going to let this beat me? Life is so unfair sometimes? I have also asked why me? But no-one can answer this question?


    Carol….Yes, most people seem to complain about digestive issues post-surgery. I am recalling one of many discussions on this board in re: to digestive problems and I recall some of our JeffG


    Hi —

    Just wanted to say I empathize.
    My attempted surgery was a failure, but before surgery I had read an awful lot and it doesn’t seem as if what you are experiencing is too uncommon. Many people here have talked about taking enzymes to aid in post-surgery digestion.
    Back pain is also common; I wonder if a short course of narcotic pain meds wouldn’t help disrupt the pain cycle. They do make pain meds without the tylenol (which is so hard on liver).
    And like everyone here, I SO understand how ANY ache or pain makes you think the worse.
    You’re not alone.



    I too am recovering from my resection, approx 4 months since the operation now. I have been having problems with my back, and this has caused me problems with sleep, which is the main issue I have.

    I initially began to recover very quickly and was up and running during the Christmas time managing to go out and enjoy myself. But since then I seem to have gone downhill, this may be due to the effects of my chemotherapy regime. I struggle to get out of the house at the moment for any period of time, making me feel cooped up and frustrated. I am trying to talk to people about it but am a very private person and keep a lot to myself, which I am trying to rectify. I just feel I don’t want to burden other people with my problems.

    I agree that is the not knowing which is the worst part, every new pain seems to fill me with dread that the cancer is returning and things are going downhill. I am 26, so also young to have been diagnosed.



    Carol, I don’t think that you are the only one who has experienced difficulties after resection. Resection is major surgery, and any time you mess with the digestive process, I think you are bound to have problems. I hope that your doctor can figure out where the problems are coming from and is able to help you.

    By the way, I got diagnosed when I was 44, so you are not the only “young ‘un”.


    You sound like a most lovely person and I think you have the right attitude. Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. This site is a good place to vent, question, care. Yes, you are young but lately we have been getting quite a few people under 40. In fact we have had some in their 20’s. Stay strong and again welcome to your new family!


    Hello Lainy

    I appreciate your kind words! I have not mentioned the pain in my back yet as it is recent pain and I am due to see her in 2 weeks so I will do then……I am only about 7 months after my operation so I imagine a lot of the pain I am experiencing is due to my body gettin better again?
    I will be discussing this with my consultant as well?
    I am having trouble coping with the after effects more than the diagnosis itself? Strange but I think its the not knowing?????
    You are the first person to contact me so far I am sure I will have others helping me out as well.
    I also understand I am young to have had the disease 39???
    thank you again Lainy………… by the way I do have a very positive attitude I just need a helping hand now and again!!


    Dear Carol, welcome to the best little club in the world that no one wishes to join. The whole bile duct tree aids in digestion and after a surgery of this magnitude digestion problems do occur. I know my husband takes a Prevacid every morning to help his digestion during the day. Some foods he just cannot tolerate and is still finding out what those are. I have never heard of removal of the bile duct. I am sure you have talked to your doctor about the discomfort and the pain in your back, yes? I know some answers will be flooding in to you from our site. Please keep us posted.


    I am really struggling at the moment!
    I was diagnosed with cc in July last year after having surgery my cc was cured!! I thank god? I had 40% of my liver removed the bile duct and my gall bladder!
    I am suffering so much now with the after effects? I cannot digest food properly.
    I am in agony.
    My spine hurts for some reason it feels like its bruised I am not sure if this is connected???
    Any liquids I have sit very high up in my tummy and when I walk you can hear it all swishing round it sounds like a whirl pool in there.
    I am waiting for have what is called a breath test next week as some of the pain I am experiencing may be a stomach ulcer according to the doctors otherwise it could be an adhesion caused by the operation.
    Is there anyone out there who has been cured but still having difficlties?
    I just don’t know how to cope with being ill all the time as I have never been poorly before.
    I am starting to have counselling soon to help off load some of my fears but I also thought I would try here!
    I would appreciate any help and advise anyone can give me?
    Thanks in anticipation

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