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    Thanks for all your posts. It made me feel alot better. Unfortunatly the scan was not good. I now have metastasis in both lungs and a new tumor has grown on the liver. Worse than I had imagined. Right now I am trying to pick myself up tell my kids and figure out what I do now. Dr says my options are do nothing and scan again in a couple of months. go on one of the chemo drugs I was on before, or restart them both again. I told him that I wanted to be as aggresive as possible to beat this and he totally blew away that option. Beating this is now not an option. Well they told me that in Oct 07 and I thought I did pretty good. Maybe they will be wrong again. (That’s me trying to put on a good front). I am really down tonight and have alot to think over. I need to figure out what I am going to do soon and let him know. Any thoughts or opinions. I cant remember if anyone else has had it in the lungs. What might I expect? Any thoughts on treatment? Any help especially prayers would be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all,


    I am sending you good thoughts and warm wishes. I get so nervous over scans, I completely understand. It is hard to explain sometimes how the inner turmoil takes over. It is okay. this cancer does not play fair so there is always a fear it will come back. It is normal to be afraid. I am the most nervous of the people here sometimes. Jeff and Peter always seemed to have it together, bless them. But we are all not like that and venting and talking about our fears and the stress of the scans and of the future is good. We as the cc community understand and can support you through this.

    Good luck on your scans. Will be thinking of you.



    Jamie, NO one on this board is a wuss, everyone deserves a medal of honor! That scar tissue can do lots of things. It caused Teddy’s right ureter to close and he now has to go in for stent exchanges to keep it open. It has also now caused 3 hernias in the stomach area. I think you all go through too much to have to sit around and second guess what may be happening. Glad you are getting a scan so you can rest your mind. They scheduled Teddy yesterday for a PET Scan for June 16th (to check on results from his cyber knife) and while we get all nervous before the Scan when the results are good that is the best feeling ever. Good luck.



    You posting here never bothers anybody. We are all here to help, support and encourage each other so you are not being a bother or a wuss.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for good results for you .

    My thoughts and best wishes to you and your family.




    More good thoughts & prayers coming your way. I will be thinking of you today & hoping everything goes well. Keep us posted. It is never a bother. We are all here to help & support each other.



    Jamie D,

    I am praying for you. Everything will be OK.
    You are not being a wuss at all. I am so proud of you for being so strong through this incredibly rough road where it seems like there is barely any light. On top of that, you still think about your family’s feelings first. It shows how much of a caring person you are.

    If you need to tell your feelings, don’t hesitate. Afterall, keeping it to yourself only creates more stress and nothing else.

    Again, I will be praying for you and everything is going to be O.K. Just keep believing.

    God Bless.


    I go for a scan tomorrow morning. It will be one year since my resection. I have been having some problems for the last couple of months. The oncologist said he thinks I’ve been having small bowel obstructions hopefully only due to scar tissue from the surgery. I haven’t seen him only talked on the phone. I’ve gone to the local clinic for tests and treatment. Been doing better the last couple of weeks but am still really afraid that something may be going on. I’ve thought about posting earlier but didn’t want to bother everybody cause I feel like I’m just being a wuss. At least I’ll get the results before I come home. It’s going to be a long night tonight. I’m hoping I can get some sleep. My appointment with the Dr is at the end of the day so it will be a long day waiting at the hospital until I can see him and get the results. I don’t know why I am so nervous this time. Anyway, I guess I just needed to voice my fears. I don’t want to worry my family and let them know how anxious I am. Thanks for letting me vent and if you could say a prayer I’d sure appreciate it. Thanks and God Bless,

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