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    Thank you Beatriz.
    I feel so relieved now.



    Fist of all, I have been reading a lot of the post here and thanks to most of your Q/A, I have been learning a lot about this…type of cancer… This site is very helpful.

    My name is Julie, my dad was diagnosed with IHC 16 cm tumor in right lobe of liver, invading right adrenal gland (metastatic to adrenal gland suspected), stage IVB. about 2 months ago. He is a 58 y/o happy grandpa, loving husband and best dad in the world… even now, he keeps with this smile….

    He is on Gem/Cis chemo, starting 2 cycle just yesterday (they divided e/cycle in two infusions, so this was his 3rd infusion).

    We are with CTCA Phoenix AZ, right now, and have visited UCLA (Dr. Richard Finn) for a 2nd opinion, Well, dr, Finn in UCLA told us he agrees with Phoenix ONCS.,
    **** Irremovable tumor with no hope of shrinking due to size*****

    and agreed with the care plan..(dr Finn was rude and cold by the way…). So we decided to stay with CTCA in AZ since my dad really feels confortable with the facility and work team. They do a great job, you feel they really really care about you..

    Well, yesterday we were informed that his current dr. (Vivek Kemkha) is leaving CTCA and now daddy is kind of concerned, he really feels safe and confty with Dr, Kenkha… and I am in a point of…you know.. just trying to decide if this is the right moment to move my dad to a bigger hospital… like Mayo Clinic or MD Anderson in AZ. I don’t know…since I have learned that CC should be treated in a highly experienced facility…

    We live in El Centro, CA… here there is no big facilities nor a lot of ONCs and we are usually sent to San Diego,CA (less than 2 hrs from here..), I didn’t even have my babies here.. I went to San Diego..so go figure..
    In other words, we have no option but to travel in order to find a descent center/ONC….

    CTCA, Mayo Clinic in AZ and MDA AZ, are less than 4 hrs from where we live. I also read about UCSD Moores San Diego…oh and City of Hope in Palm springs (2 hrs from here)…


    I would really appreciate any advice on ONCS/Center near me.. I mean we are willing to travel just bc we want a high quality, experienced Center/ONC…
    This would be a starting point for us… I am starting to worry bc I don’t see much people talking about CTCA… So I guess is not my best choice…

    Anyone with a similar case that can give me an advice or just words that can help me understand a little bit more about all of this..

    Thank you very much.

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