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    YES! What wonderful news!!! God is good. :) Your story gives us all hope. Who is your doctor? Care to share some more of your story? My biggest tumor is also in my left lobe, with very small stuff in the right. I’m praying all the stuff in my right lobe is gone too. What type of chemo are you on?


    Grover’s good news has given me hope for a resection in the future!



    WOW! Great news indeed! As we all know, resection is the best chance for a cure. God has truly answered your prayers. BTW, I like to correct people when they talk about the power of prayer. In my opinion, it is really the power of the Living God activated by prayer and the power of God is present with you and your family at this time.

    Prayers coming your way,



    This is such wonderful news!!! I wish you the best with the resection!! I know there are so many on this board who are hopeful for resection. Maybe it would be helpful to share what chemo cocktail you were on in this thread so others have it for a reference?
    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news!! I will be praying for a successful resection and smooth recovery. Please keep us posted!

    Take care,



    Hi Grover,

    This is excellent news! Thanks so much for sharing it and I hope that the good news continues to roll for you! You say why us, and Marion really sums it up perfectly when she says why not you Not much more I can add to that apart from saying enjoy this news and celebrate!

    Best wishes,



    Grover….why not you? You, as anyone else deserve the opportunity of receiving a resection. To have this disease is not a punishment rather, I prefer to view it as an act of nature – a mean act of nature.
    So, revel in it, dear Grover. I certainly do.
    Hugs and love,


    I want to thank everybody on this board for your love, prayers and support. I want to be able to do the same for you. My wife and I are walking on air right now, trying to understand why us?

    As high as we are right now with excitement, I also know that there could be kinks and roadblocks that have to be navigated. I know that for whatever reason, they might not get all the cancer, that it may reoccur, that there may be infection. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

    So right now thanks for sharing our excitement and supporting us.

    God bless us all, Grover 😎


    Wonderful news…best of luck with your surgery. God is good! Prayers will be with you.


    god bless you, i have had 20 months more then expected.


I’m gonna throw a Mazel Tov in there, you can’t have too many religions praying for you with CC involved! I had plenty of different ones during my current journey. Fantastic news. Mention to the doc if they have a cancellation that you are willing to move up in line, I did, and my original 9/21/11 date was bumped up a week to 9/14, can’t hurt to ask, can it??


Grover,Captain, whatever you would like to be called today,

It brought tears to my eyes to hear that you can have a resection. What a miracle. I am beyond happy for you and your family. I will be praying for a successful surgery and clean margins!! Bless you. God heard those loud prayer pants! Take care.

Love, -Pam


Allelulia!!!! Soo excited for you. God does have a sense of humor, this is leap year so you have to wait one extra dayand other time that wouldn’t matter!!!!
Surgery will be no big deal after all you have been through.
Enjoy the moment and lots of prayers and hugs for you and your family!!


Great news!! So happy for you. Best of luck with the surgery!


I am so happy to hear your news!! I pray for everyone on this board every night. Tonight I will stress the words “And please give their surgeons the skill and wisdom to have successful surgeries”!!! I can’t wait to hear your good news after the resection is over.



Fantastic news Grover!! So very happy for you.
March 1st is around the corner and i wish you great success with your surgery.


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