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    I would definitely suggest the phone call route. It was quick, easy and absolutely no waiting in a room full of coughing people and crying babies…lol



    Marc is eligible for disability as he is now only working part time and unable to


    hi jeff,
    if i could make a suggestion to marc….i dont know what your ss office is like where you live but where we live its an all day drawn out taxing day, especially if your not feeling well. So what i did was to set up what they call a phone interview with a claims examiner,you tell them you are not well enough to go to the office and they set you up with a time and date, call you and take your infor.Everything , from start to finish was done over the phone, I never once had to go to the ss office.Just be sure to have Marcs doctors names, addresses,phone numbers, medications, and all his info ready when they call. Believe me it was much, much easier, especially like i said if your not up to sitting all day in ss office. I hope this helps some and i hope marc feels better…….lucille and ron


    I believe you cannot be working to get approved for social security disability.


    I applied last August for social security disability and was approved very quickly (in two – three weeks I think). There’s a waiting period before you get your first check. It’s five or six months, can’t remember. Is this chemo brain?



    Hey Lisa… Why did it take six months before you got a check if you were approved right away?


    Thanks Lisa…. Marc is planning an appointment with SS to start the disability process. We are actually very lucky that he has a cancer policy through his work.


    Hi Jeff,
    I’m glad Marc hasn’t had any ill effects from chemo. I understand your stress – it’s hard to stand back and see our loved ones work so hard and stress out when they are seriously ill.

    Marc will know when he has had too much. I worked almost 2 years after diagnosis before I decided that my health was more important than my job. But in the meantime it was good to work and have some part of my routine to take my mind off cancer.

    If and when Marc decides to go on disability, he will probably get approved right away by Social Security. The only bummer is that he will have to wait 6 months for the first check. I was lucky in that I had disability insurance through my employer to tide me over.

    good luck!


    Thanks everyone. I am just afraid he is pushing himself to hard. And I also fear that it will affect his health now with this diagnoses of CC. And I did pose this question with DR. Giles, so thanks for the suggestion Marion.

    I guess I should be happy that the chemo has not really affected him


    Jeff……An illness interferes with life as we know it. Working is part of our routine and now the routine demands certain adjustments. It takes some time finding the right balance of what feels right emotionally and what physically is possible. Personality changes may also be part of this adjustment coupled with anger of loosing control over one


    Try not to worry too much. Working most likely makes Mark feel “normal” and gets his mind off of cc. That is as healing as anything else out there. His body will tell him when he needs to take a step back. He needs to find out where those boundries are now. He will surely fall once or twice from pushing too hard. I know I did. But it is the only way to find out what you are capable of now. We all need to learn to live within our limitations, but we need to time find out what those limitations are now. I hope I am making sense. Marc will find the way with your help, but it will take time.



    Jeff, one of the biggest problems I have found is, while we as Caregivers keep a watchful eye and advocate for our loved ones, we naturally tend to become over anxious. With good reason. I would like to share a little story with you.
    When I was 36 (EONS ago) I developed an ulcer. The Gastro guy asked me: How are your kids doing? I said wonderful. How is your work? Again wonderful but stressful. He said, “you can take a huge amount of stress but if you like what you are doing that kind of stress will not harm you”. So, if Marc likes his job, he can stand the stress. Honestly when he can’t he will stop. Like, Teddy is an avid golfer. Sometimes he seems so tired I get nervous. But mention golf and out the door he goes. We need to save our own strength for when it is really needed. So glad to hear the chemo is not causing any ill effects.



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