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    I’ve just been looking at your family blog and hadn’t realised just how young Mark was. This is an incredibly cruel disease which deprives such a person of a reasonable life span and deprives a young family of their husband and father. I am so very sad to hear that Mark passed away and to contemplate the loss which you, his wife and children must be feeling. You have my deepest sympathy.



    Stacie –

    I am so so sorry to hear about Mark. I don’t even know what to say. As so many other people have already said, I feel like I knew him through this site and his blog. I am so sorry for your loss.

    – Melissa


    To the Clements Family,
    I am really sorry for your loss. I just lost Ken 12/27/2006 and I don’t know what else to say. So far, I have not heard any words from anyone else that has made an impact on my feelings… I do really appreciate this website because I feel we are the only ones “in this same boat.”
    Terri Hembree


    Dear Clements family,

    I am so deeply saddened to hear that Mark has passed away. My heart goes out to all of you, I cannot begin to imagine the anguish you must be feeling right now. This disease is cruel beyond words. I am so very sorry.

    I want to echo some of the sentiments already expressed by other site members and thank you for all of your hard work in setting up and maintaining this website – an invaluable resource for all of us either personally dealing with this disease or caring for a loved one. Thankyou.



    Rick and Stacie –
    I want to express my deepest sympathy but also the appreciation for everything that you have done involving the fight against an awful disease. This site and the love that has poured out from all of the families involved has been unbelievable.
    We all have shared knowledge, comfort and yes even heartbreak. Your efforts have been overwhelming and I want you to know that you are two very special people.
    Mark’s memory will live in so many hearts that would have never known him had it not been for you. You have my grattitude; my thoughts and prayers will be with you
    and especially Marianne as you go through these very difficult days. It’s a journey
    that none of us wanted to travel but you have made it more bearable.
    God Bless
    Betty Johnson


    Stacie and Rick,
    All of us share in your sadness. Because of Mark, this site became a reality. He was so lucky to have such wonderful support from his family as you were lucky to have such a brave brother. God Bless you and comfort you in the days ahead.


    Please accept Dawn


    Stacie, Rick and your whole family,

    I have been gone a few days and am so sad, my heart breaks for you all yet I know you had precious time and love in Marks last days and I’m thankful for that.
    I can only echo what everyone has said. Mark’s spirit will live on through this website and the help your family has brought to so many of us.
    Bless Mark and may God’s love be with you all.


    Stacie and rick
    I feel so much tenderness for you and your family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    MARK will live on through this site.
    This site is such a marvellous memorial to mark.
    It is an inspiration for all of us who have known cc.
    Many of us are in various places around the world and
    What a wonderful legacy we have and we will all continue to benefit from this
    in many ways. love and light Teresa


    I’ve had a lot of phone calls and emails about Mark’s upcoming services. We know you will all be there with us in spirit.

    Saturday, January 27th, 11:00 am in the Corner Canyon Stake Center, 13366 S. 1300 E. Draper, UT.



    Stacie & Rick,

    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I find I am crying as I write this and although I never knew Mark I read the blog and formed an impression of a loving warm and supportive family and feel something of your grief and loss.

    This site is a wonderful memorial to him. I hope it is some consolation to you to know that not only will he live on in the hearts and memory of family and friends, but also in a world wide community of cc suffers and their carers.



    I am loss for words. I am so saddened and my heart aches for the departure of such a great man and of the grief his loving family must endure. With God’s help time will ease the pain. As mortal human beings we will never allow the loving memories of those we love so dearly fade. One of God’s mysterious miracles is given to us all – the miracle of memories of cherished moments – This miracle will allow us to spiritually remain in touch with who we love until reunited again within the Kingdon of God. Only then, will we fully understand why God calls upon us to leave this creation”Earth”, some sooner than others. Stacie, I strongly believe God will give you, Marianne, and the Children the strength to deal with Mark’s departure as he is among the Angels now , truly serving God in other ways and at the same time keeping watchful eyes over you all. Mark may you live in Heavenly Peace. I apologize if this is to much , but I’ve always spoke what I truly feel.

    My Prayers of Support to You All !
    Jeff Gerrish


    It is with great sadness that we let you know that our sweet brother Mark passed away on the 19th of January. These last few weeks though hard have been filled with gentle reminders of God’s tender mercies. We have felt His love and know that a sweet reunion awaits us. Thanks to all for your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers in Mark’s behalf. We have felt lifted and comforted.


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