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    Great info. Thanks


    Duke….great feedback. Thanks much. We might just want to add a “sticky” to his so that others can share their thoughts as well.


    Duke…..I have an authorization for my blood samples……but am going to have them drawn at Mayo when I go back up there again Aug 1. So, unless I lose my authorization in the meantime (chemo brain), I won’t have to go through all the packing, ice pack, etc that you mentioned. It would still be so worth it…..if it meant a breakthrough for this cancer.

    Julie T.


    Those of you who are going to join the Mayo Research Study, here’s a few things that are not written down.

    First, you need to keep opening boxes, not stop when it says Do Not Open Until Ready to Obtain Samples. There are directions inside. Like, you have to freeze the ice block BEFORE you have the samples taken. Obvious, once you think about it. If you can do it in conjunction with chemo this gives the person taking the sample a week to plan what needs to be done. Don’t spring it on him/her without prior communication.

    Second, Do NOT attempt to help by taking the samples to FedEx yourself. They won’t accept blood from you – it has to be a special pickup by FedEx from the collection site. Work this out with FedEx before the day of the samples. Follow the directions, don’t try to out think them. I spent 40 years trying to out think the system – sometimes verbatim compliance is the only way, not matter what common sense tells you. I thought there would only be one tube – there were five. When you put your labels on the tubes, cover the existing tubes so clotting can be observed in the four tubes. You need to have shipping tape for the inside and outside boxes. Bring your own in case the collection site doesn’t have any handy.

    Third, keep in email contact with Mayo. I worked with Nasra Giama. She’s great.

    All that said, this is very easy, once you read the instructions and follow them. And it’s for a great cause – putting an end to CC. As Nike says, “Just do it.”

    BTW, I haven’t read about anyone else having issues with this. Am I the only one with chemo brain?


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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