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    Thank you all for responding and I very much appreciate the information you provided.  As I mentioned, in my post, I don’t know if any other cancer center will offer him any treatment options at this point, however, I feel I have to try for as long as he wants to continue the fight.

    Still praying for a a miracle…



    Hi Laura,

    Your dad sounds like a fine person with great determination to pursue treatment.  I hope he is able to have a good quality of life despite the recent setbacks.

    The patient seen at Fox Chase in Philadelphia referenced in the prior message, Kris, posted under the name kris00j (the 0’s are zeros), if you would like to find her posts.  Her doctor at Fox Chase was Dr. Denlinger.

    You may also find the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation tool for finding expert doctors helpful, as perhaps there are doctors closer to your location.  The link is

    Specialist Map

    I hope you are successful in finding a thoughtful second opinion.

    Regards, Mary


    I’m not sure if they would do anything differently but when my wife was first diagnosed we went for a second opinion at Fox Chase near Philadelphia.  There was another person who used to post here (unfortunately she passed away, I think) who switched her treatments from Sloan to Fox Chase if I remember correctly.


    My name is Laura and my dad was diagnosed in July 2018 with CC.  He is not well enough to travel to MD Anderson in Houston so I was wondering if anyone had any experiences to share regarding treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in New Jersey.

    Just to clarify, this would be for a second opinion.  He was being treated at Sloan; we met with a surgeon in August immediately after he was diagnosed with CC but he was not a candidate for surgery.  He had 6 rounds of chemo with no tumor shrinkage and was scheduled to begin radiation but wound up in the hospital for 2 months with sepsis and multiple bilomas on the liver.  He was finally discharged on December 31st and on January 13th we were back at Sloan for another infection (much less severe than what he had the first time) and he’s home now.  When he was discharged on the 31st, his oncologist at Sloan said they will not move forward with any further treatment for the cancer and sent him home with hospice but he refuses to give up (my dad is a fighter!) and wants a second opinion.  Being that he is limited in how far he can travel, we would have to be able to get there by car (we live 22 miles outside of NYC).  The end result may be that he cannot have any further treatment but he deserves to get all the opinions he wants and I’ll support him in whatever he needs.

    I’d also welcome any other recommendations for a superstar oncologist on the East Coast outside of the MD Anderson facility in NJ, and of course, excluding Sloan.  His oncologist there was a major disappointment.  Its just unfortunate he was in the hospital for so long we couldn’t move forward sooner with obtaining second opinions or changing doctors.

    Thank you!!


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