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    Good news on the bili!

    My mom didn’t go to MD Anderson, but she went to Mayo Rochester. They worked with her to time the visit with an off week with chemo and after she had a scan. I think the thought was that they wouldn’t want to interrupt treatment and it would give a data point as to what is working or not.


    Thanks everyone! You all are the greatest.

    And yes Lisa, Marc’s spirit is WAY up thanks to this news. It is beautiful here is Houston and I am sure it is going to be a FABULOUS weekend!


    Glad to hear Marc’s bilirubin counts are down. I hope he is feeling better as a result.

    Good luck with MD Anderson.


    Hi Jeff,

    Great news on Marc’s bili levels coming down and also about his liver not being as distressed. Excellent stuff!

    Best to you both,



    YIPEE! Great news, Jeff. To paraphrase a quote, “It may seem like a small step for Marc, but a BIG step to erase the CC. Yea!


    Thanks sduggins! I just read the situation the wrong way I guess. I almost feared that MD Anderson had already given up on him as well. Not sure why I felt that way. I guess we are still learning



    I think that is normal. When Roger was first diagnosed and surgery was performed unsuccessfully here, we asked our surgeon about MD Anderson and he agreed to help us get into MD. The one thing they told us was it could take a few months and Roger could not be on any type of Chemo or they would not take him for sure. Roger’s records were sent to MD Anderson and it was about 8 weeks when we received a call stating they were setting him up for an appointment. Unfortuanatly in 8 weeks the tumor had grown so they could not performe the surgery either. My suggestion is to see if you send his records to MD Anderson, can he continue with the Chemo or does he have to stop it until he hears from MD Anderson. Also if he goes to MD Anderson, once he gets there he will go thru every test he has already had so be prepared. I have heard alot of excellent things about MD Anderson and our experience was great other than the fact I wish we had went their first.



Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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