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    Danna, I am so happy you got to switch to Dr. Javle. Praying you have continued good reports. What are the good cells vs the bad cells?


    Danna, wow what a story! Good for you and I am very excited for you as well. I am very curious as to why they kept turning you down. What a good thing that you persevered. Yeah, I love this. See, everyone there is always HOPE out there. Thanks for letting us know this good news!


    Had an awesome visit at MDA! I had been trying for a while to switch to Dr. Javle and kept having my request denied. Thursday I had a very emotional phone conference with the Director of the department which I thought still led to no where. So today I’m in the room waiting and who walks in but Dr. Javle!!! I was shocked and happy. The decision to switch me was just made yesterday. Anyway he said my scan looked good. I’ve had shrinkage and the CA 19-9 had gone down. He gave me so much more hope than my other Dr. He said he wants to do molecular testing to see if I have the good cells or the bad cells. If I have the good cells, then there may be a possibility of a transplant later down the road. He told me to stay positive, make long term plans, and exercise. Just to remind everyone, I’m stage 4 intra hepatic with mets outside the liver. I am currently doing Gemzar and Cisplatin.

    Danna :)

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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