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    I would like to know a little more about dr Chapman. Sis, what you mean when you say “to accept my bro”? what kind of program he leads ??

    My mom is taking FOLFIRI.
    she had six applications of Gem / Cis but had no answer..

    maybe due to not having any results, we are insecure about chemo..

    (Sorry my english, i am brazilian)

    Thank you all!



    Sis, I hope all goes well for Mark. If it is possible Dr Chapman will do all he can to help him. It does take time to make his case and review it before a board, I think. But once they decide they do all to make it happen. Was Mark needing a liver transplant? If so, there is a list also. But I can honestly say that it is worth all the waiting. Once Kenny was listed it was only 3 months,remember they have to have a match donor also. Good luck and lots of prayers.
    Kenny and I was just there weds for a check up and he had Dr Doyle, she was very nice, They said that there was 2 surgeries going on while we were there. We have felt good about all the drs we have seen. We were in good hands for sure.
    Ps, Cathy, I was going to call you but we made it a rather fast trip because of business here at home.Also would like to say that Cathy has good information about the transplant proscess that helped us so much, shes a really good person.


    I second that……..prayers for good news!!!


    Sis- HOPE you hear soon!! Dr. Doyle is GREAT and like I said a great shoe collection too!!
    Dr. Chapman and team know time is not our friend, so I am sure you hear soon!
    Lots of prayers for good news-Cathy


    Sis……situations such as these truly test our patience. You want to make sure for Dr. Doyle’s response to be well thought through on their end. Hang in there.


    The meetings at Barnes went well. We didn’t get to meet Dr. Chapman as he wasn’t in the office that day, but we met Dr. Doyle. She was impressive! Actually, we were very impressed with everyone we met there.

    Now we wait for Barnes to decide whether to accept my bro into their program…

    I just want to scream, “WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO DANG LONG TO DECIDE?!?”

    Ahhh, that felt good. Thanks :)

    Thanks for all your support and good vibes!


    Hope that your brother’s meeting with Dr Chapman goes well Sis. Please let us know how that goes.

    Best wishes to you and your brother,



    Sis…. Fantastic news on the upcoming visit. Good luck and please keep us posted.
    On another note: the Medicare information is very important for others to read and I am concerned that it may become lost. Would you please be so kind and repeat the info in the Insurance thread?
    Let me know if you need help or if you prefer not to do so. Gladly I will do it for you, but it is so much nicer for each member to post his/her own thoughts and information.
    Thanks for considering.


    Sis, So excited that you are going to see our HERO Dr. Chapman!! Brenda and I are life time members of the Dr. Chapman fan club!! LOL!!
    I sent you an email but there was conflicting messages when sent so please contact me if you don’t receive it and would like to talk or if I can help I live in St. Louis area ! 618-567-3247
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    SEEK, I do think a person has to have alot of hope everyday. It was a long process but Oh so rewarding. The transplant changed our lives in so many ways. Kenny at least has a second chance at life. He is positive to the point I have to keep an eye on him so he won’t over do !He actually has the energy to do thigs that have been impossible for the last 3 yrs.
    Here in the USA we are pretty lucky to have Insurance that allows all to have great medical care.That is why it is so important to get that 2nd and third or more opinions.If we would have stopped at the first diagnosis and plan that was nothing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. God has a Plan for all of us BUT we have to promote ourselves for the care’
    I have met several transplant people who had just medicaid and got wonderful care no matter their insurance. Can you tell how happy we are about this chance at life? lol But it really is somethin that we are so thankfull for.


    Healthcare in general is a very sensitive issue for me. I do not understand how we are the number 1 country in the world, our government spends BILLIONS of our TAX PAYERS dollars on WARS AND OTHER BS but yet, one of us has to worry about the financials when dealing with something major as liver transplant. This is JUST UNACCEPTABLE.

    Diane, I hope the issue of Medicare will be solved soon so you brother can get the treatment he deserves. Mark is blessed to have the option of LT, I wish our politicians will be blessed one day with some humanity in them.. I wish him the best luck in his meeting with Dr Chapman, we are all praying for him.

    Brenda, glad to hear that Kenny is doing well. You are both harvesting the results of the hope you planted along this journey.



    Sis, I hope that your Brother Mark is able to get help with Dr Chapman, if it is possible I am sure that he will be in good hands with a very caring and able dr. We have alot of respect for the whole team at Barnes. Please let us know how Marks appt. goes.
    Lots of prayers


    My brother is meeting with Dr. Chapman tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet him.
    Re: Medicare–it’s my understanding now that the country is divided into Medicare zones. Each zone has it’s own insurance provider/administrator. Each zone has discretion as to whether it wants to cover liver transplant for CC. If a medical center wants Medicare to cover liver transplant for CC, then they have to work with the Medicare provider and get them to approve the medical center’s liver transplant for CC protocol. Once Medicare approves their protocol, anyone who successfully completes the protocol will be covered.
    Re: California–the UCLA protocol is accepted by Medicare.

    So happy that Kenny is doing great!



    Yes Cathy it is crazy, I thought the day would not come for Kenny to get his transplant. It’s a new life now, you know really living ! He is doing great and we have so many to thank, you, Dr Chapman, all the Drs And cordinators and GOD for giving him this second chance. 2 young men in our area have lost their life just since we returned from the transplant, I so wish that we will see a better way to catch this disease so they can have earlier treatments.
    Kenny is preparing for Fall harvest, feeling better every day. Who would have thought that?
    As for Medicare , they paid their part, our insurance, BC BS paid theirs and we are just so glad.
    By the way, even medicaid pays for transplants in Illinois for those that need it, it’s only right that everyone be able to get medical care. In my view that is.
    So yes, Kenny is doing great.


    Crazy to read Brenda’s original post because less than a year later Kenny got his liver!!!
    Apparently Medicare pays!!
    Lots of prayers for all the battles our CC family faces

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