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    i dont know if any one can help me but i thought i would put this out there and see. my sister is having a very difficult time with the oxiliplatin and xeloda chemo treatment. the side effects have been severe and so far oncologist just says it is normal side effects. the day she gets her oxiliplatin is horrible. we have asked if she can stay in the hospital overnight because of the side effects. they tell us no. aside from this what our concern is right now is her health insurance. she has been out of work since december when she had her second surgery. so far her job has been very helpful. she has missed significant amounts of time over the past year and a half since she was diagnosed. she is collecting disability and they are still providing her health insurance. she is worried that sooner or later they are going to tire of this and fire her and she will lose her insurance or she will simply max our her insurance benefits and be dropped. i was reading on the social security website that if you receive disability benefits for 24 months you automatically enroll in medicare. she is going to look into this and see if this is an option. does anyone know what medicare pays for and what are the out of pocket expenses. it is such a mess. you are trying to deal with this horrible disease and than have to worry about the expense. i would appreciate any help.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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