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    Good points, Beatriz. Many of us “kick into” “an understand and try to fix it” mentality (understandably). This high adrenaline approach cannot be sustained for a long time without deteriorating health. Generally speaking, cc is a long term battle. We would all do well to take care of our emotional and physical health by meditating and incorporating some of the other ideas you suggested. Staying rested and centered serves us better in the long run. I know it’s not for everyone. Personally, though, for me, it is beneficial. Thanks for the reminder.



    Hi Shelliec,

    Do you know that we have Dr Giles here at the website who may be able to help you with this. He has helped quite a lot of our members or their families and maybe he would be of some use to you here? If so, he can be contacted through this link here –

    Talking about things certainly helps I would say and even if it was to only help you deal with all of this.

    My best to you and Dale,



    I did a lot of guided meditations when my wife was first diagnosed. For her meditation doesn’t work so well, as she can’t take deep breaths without feeling the tumors on her ribs. So, not exactly relaxing.
    search for the honest guys on youtube. Lots of good stuff there.

    The wife is going out to some waterfall/nature parks today with a friend. That usually uplifts her spirits some. She was griping about that yesterday and how she can’t hike cause she’s out of energy and her friend always wants to go too far. I told her to just tell him what her needs are. It’s better to get what you want then to still look out for other people and just not go cause it will be inconvenient.


    Has anyone went to meditate to help with dealing with the cancer and life in general? I feel like I need to get Dales spirits up and hoping maybe something like this would work?? He’s pretty down this week and when he’s down I am down! I’m just looking for advice on how to deal with CANCER every DAY! Keep both of us positive and moving forward, I know its difficult for him but if we don’t stay positive I am afraid of loosing it all! Is that crazy to say? How is everyone in this group doing it!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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