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    It’s true! You meet the nicest people on this board. Thanks for the offer. However we live in a very close-kinit neighborhood and we are fortunate to have more friends and neighbors than we possibly could use. However I may call you in the next several days to discuss our situations.

    Thanks so much for your kindness.


    It sounds like a good plan. I’m here in Roswell and if there is ever anything I can do to help like pick up groceries, prescriptions, dog sit, babysit, go for a walk, get some coffee, please contact me.

    Sarah Connell


    gtm….You must feel much better now having your plan in place.
    My best wishes are coming your way,


    Good to hear you have a plan and you sound very secure about it. A lot of the decision making is going with your gut feeling, it’s usually right. Good luck and keep us posted.


    We met today with Dr El-Rayes, oncologist at WCI. We feel much better about our options after talking to him. We’re definitely going with WCI over Dekalb Medical Center (Decatur GA).

    The tumor board at WCI is going to meet on December 8th to discuss the next steps. Although he’s not an oncology surgeon, he believe the surgeon will determine that the tumor is not resectable at this time.

    However the options to shrink it are:
    1) Chemo (Gemcitabine/Cisplatin)
    2) Chemoembolism
    3) Radioembollism

    We feel better about the methods and procedures at WCI than we were at Dekalb Medical Center; although I am sure DMC is a fine medical facility. However my wife and I feel that WCI offers more options.

    We also have contacted M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX. However because WCI is 5 miles from where we live and is also a National Cancer Center, and we had a good meeting with Dr El-Rayes, we’re going to go with them in the interest of time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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