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    Great news. Fingers crossed!



    Kris, sounding good, sounding good! The Cataract thing is a walk in the park compared to what you have gone through, its just another annoyance! Great to hear your good news.


    I met with Fox Chase’s radiological oncologist (the one in charge of my radiation) yesterday…he never received the images from my CY scan from Sloan But I brought my own printout of the scan, thankfully, so he could read that. Without being able to see images, he said he is hopeful. The nodes are responding well, and the tumor is large, so it will respond slower and differently than the nodes…. he said to not necessarily look for shrinkage with the tumor, but rather look for scarring and such.
    So now I’m more hopeful again…
    Now all I have to do soon is set up that appt. for cataract surgery…… UGH!


    I read lots of good news in that too, Kris! I think you have a great team working for you and you are responding well, considering the nature of the beast! I’m with you on “I HATE CANCER!” Keep kicking butt!! Lots of hugs. Nancy


    Kris….in all the news we wanted to hear, but Dr. Fong did not mention anything about increase of tumor size or progression of disease. To me that is really good news. I will continue to stay hopeful and I will continue to send positive vibes your way.


    Kris, I am so sorry you did not get the news you wanted today. I am glad that your doctor has other options for treatment. What about a second opinion with another liver surgeon ? Maybe you already did this but I can’t remember. I will continue to pray for that resection for you.
    Hugs, Lisa



    You didn’t hear what you wanted to hear which was resection and I think that was a huge disappointment to you.I think your doctors are being cautious, which is good. They wouldn’t let you go for a long time without anything if they thought things weren’t looking better. I am glad they aren’t throwing too much at you and making you sick. You have been having so much fun lately. Keep having fun and Nov. 2 will be here before you know it. You are always in my prayers.

    Love, -Pam


    Kris you may not have the answers you wanted BUT Dr. Fong seems to have lots of options and that outweighs ‘bad’ news. I can only imagine how you feel but please try to stay hopeful and positive with all these options. You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have! Tough times never last, tough people do! You have no idea how much love is pouring out to you.


    Well, it didn’t go so well. No surgery, at least not until January or February. If then.
    The thing I love/don’t love most about Dr. Fong is he tells it straight. So here’s the scoop:
    The nodes ARE dying. He thinks it looks like they are dying from the inside, too, which is GREAT news.
    The bad news:
    The tumor isn’t reacting as well to the radiation.
    The unknown news: the radiation will continue to work at some level for the next 6-8 months. The lymph nodes are finally responding to something, so that’s good. How well they continue to respond is unknown, but he’s optimistic.
    The tumor, on the other hand, is an unknown quantity. Will it start responding to the radiation? Will it start growing again?? Will Nov. 2 be too long to wait?
    I DID say that I thought Dr. K was not being aggressive enough. Dr. F. said she is, but I have to understand that the liver can only take so much… he agrees we should wait and then may have to hit the tumor with chemo.
    He is no longer talking resection only. Now he is talking (something) oblation. I remembered he had mentioned it at our first meeting, but the tumor was too large. He said it is still large, but it is smaller than it was. So it is possible that oblation will work.
    Dr. F. said we don’t want to kill the liver with too much at once. But FUDR thru the pump in Nov. if necessary should work. Shrink the tumor a little and pray the nodes die completely.
    He also said if we are too aggressive and misuse the chemos, they might not work and then I’m out of options. Also, if the nodes start to grow again, I might be out of options.
    Like I said, I love that he doesn’t pull punches but it’s pretty upsetting to hear some of it.
    I hope this wasn’t too disjointed. Trying to remember everything and not overreact too much to what he said… it’s tough. i HATE CANCER!!


    Kris, waiting, waiting, waiting….OMG this is worse than having a baby! I can’t wait much longer!


    Kris….everything is crossed on this end. I will chant throughout the day: good news for Kris, good news for Kris…..
    Tons of hugs,


    Kris….Will be sending positive thoughts and prayers for you to day that Dr. Fong says yes to surgery!!!


    Today’s the day. I wasn’t nervous until last night when I tried to go to sleep. I figure all he can say is yes or no and explain… I’m ready either way. And I thought I was handling it so well… but now the freakies are coming out!


    Great news! Congrats!


    OF COURSE you have to post this here – this is GREAT!!!! It’s working! A dead tumor is a good tumor!!

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