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    A true gentleman. A class act. One can say no more…….


    Thank you very much for passing on Jeff’s message. We all loved him dearly and can take heart in knowing that he knew how much he meant to us.



    Yes, thankyou Stacie and Rachael. It just makes me so sad to come on here and know he is gone along with so many others that were here when I first started. Lainy and Teddy are the only others left that were here three years ago and that is unbelievable to me. What a cruel monster this cancer is but what valiant , kind, wonderful people I have come to know and admire because of it. It’s mind boggling to know how strong Jeff was and how deep is love for life was. I really miss his presence here but we will all work at keeping his spirit alive by continuing to help others through their struggles. God bless you Jeff. Mary


    Thank you, Jeff – a guardian angel to all of us. May you rest in peace.



    Jeff was a good sort-a terrific character .He was a very considerate man Janet


    Jeff taught lessons in unselfishness every day, how lucky we were to have him for a teacher.



    Jeff was a wonderful person. Sorely missed. Never to be forgotten.

    Love to him and his family.



    As always, Jeff was thinking of all of us even as he traveled on to the end of his journey here on earth. I too have been brought to tears. I can only agree with everyone else and add that he will always be here with us in spirit and with all of our loved ones who have passed on and will pass in the future to eternity. Thank you Jeff.

    I also want to thank Stacie for sharing his message with all of us & Rachael for sending it to you.

    My thoughts & prayers are with his family and everyone else here who have been affected by this awful disease.

    Love & Hugs To You All,



    Just goes to show what an amazing person Jeff was, always thinking of other people. He was always there for everyone; helping, supporting and inspiring us all. Jeff will never ever be forgotten.



    I was moved and touched by Jeff from the very beginning of my journey, and I continue to be by his words here. He was and always will be an inspiration to me. He helped me find my strength to fight this. For that I will always be grateful. What an amazing person Jeff was.


    You just can’t read his words with a dry eye, his spirit & presence live on- which is a beautiful thing. Thank you for that Jeff, & please give my Dad a big hug for me.



    There are no words. What can one say. Again, the proof of what an extraordinary human being Jeff G was. We loved him before, we continue to love him now.


    Jeff was always looking toward the future. He had a deep love for you and was concerned that his passing would cause you undue grief. Because of that he let me know a few months ago that he would be working on a message for you after he passed. His sweet daughter Rachael sent that message to me this morning and it follows. We will also be posting another item he left for you in hopes that you would feel his love.

    Dear Patients and Caregivers,

    By the the time you read this letter, I will have passed over and be continuing my life of eternity. It was a pleasure helping and being helped by you all. Each and everyone of you are heros! and inspired me. I can feel the presence, of brothers and sisters of a larger family. You all share unconditionally. I believe you all are helping the Lord Jesus. If not looking and trying to find a cure, it’s consoling, giving, and sharing your Faith. This site and it’s members have surely made my journey a peaceful one. Each and every day was cherished. I will continue to pray and assist in whatever way the lord has planned. I hope to meet all who have passed over and welcome all who will come after me. As I sit hear typing, with my Bible given to me after my fifth year of Sunday School and Certificate of Baptism in my lap, I read Psalm 23. I always carry on, so I’ll leave you with another Psalm of David. When God seems far away Read Psalm 139. Thanks again to you all and keep up the super work. Together, you will build awareness !

    God Bless You All !
    Jeff Gerrish

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