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    Good luck, Katja.


    Hi Katia,

    Thanks for the update on how your dad is doing and with everything that is and has been going on for him lately. I am sorry to hear about the new spots.

    Thanks for the links on PIPAC and I so hope that this will be a successful procedure for your dad with the best possible results. Will certainly be keeping things crossed for him with this and please let us know how it all goes.

    My best to you and your dad,



    I will let you know how it goes.
    The hospital that does it in Bochum , Germany is waiting for my dad’s report.


    Good luck, Kajia……we have learned little of this procedure on this site, but a clinical trial (Denmark) is underway;

    Another one in Germany:

    and a bit more here:



    Hi all,

    here is an update on dad’s situation since the aborted operation:

    ( quickly summing up for people who might find this post whilst using the ” search” facility of this forum:
    Dad’s resection ( his CC was presumed to be type 1) scheduled for Tuesday the 07/07/2015, was stopped as it was found that he has metastasis on the peritoneum. A new scan showed a spot on his liver and one on his diaphragm )

    On Wednesday, we learnt more about mets on the peritoneum and about how hard they actually are to treat. Until now that is…

    An incredible new treatment called PIPAC shows extremely good results for those mets. Basically, a hole is done in the stomach, just like when you have a laparoscopy, and chemo drugs are vaporised directly on the metastasis!!!

    This is an article that was written about it on the 30 th of June 2015.

    Yes, it is in French, but do use Google translate and you will be blown away by it.érapie_vaporisée_directement_dans_labdomen_des_patients

    Here is a youtube video about it. This one shows the man who invented the process.


    First let me say I’m sorry to hear that. But reading your post was deja vu. That is exactly what happens to me. I went in for my resection at the Moffitt Cancer center on June 24 for my resection and when the doctor opened me up he found nodules in the peritoneal cavity so they closed me back up. I was just coming on to the site to see if anyone else had this and what treatment is given to try to get rid of it. I did gem/Cis originally and I responded very well which left me to the resection along with radiation. I don’t see my Dr till this Wednesday but I would be happy to hear what you found out. My best and prayers to your dad that all goes well.


    My dad had mets to the omentum. That was not good at all. They will probably start with gem/cis.


    Katia….so sorry to hear of the turn of events. I have learned that the “naked” eye of the surgeon obtains the most accurate determination of the disease. Scans have limitations in that the plate of the scan measures 1cm, hence nodules less than 1cm in size avoid detection. It is for that reason that prior to “open” surgery the physician performs a less invasive laparotomy and often times this results in restaging of the disease.
    I hope for others with similar experience to chime in on this discussion. Great to know that your Dad will be released, is in good spirits and that he will continue to gain weight for the next plan of action.


    Aw, Katia, so sorry to read this, what a roller coaster ride this CC is! I can’t help with your question but I am sure someone can. You might type the P word in our Search engine at the top of the page and if it has been mentioned on this site a post will appear. Just wanted to let you know I am with you all the way!!!


    Hello there,

    Well, yesterday was supposed to be the big day! I will quickly sum up the situation so that if anyone does a search later on, they have complete picture of it.

    Dad was diagnosed with type 1 cc almost 2 months ago. He became jaundiced and had extremely high bilirubin levels (29.5) so he had to have a stent inserted before surgery could be performed.

    Yesterday was the day of the resection. Except it did not happen as the found mets on the peritoneum. What I understand is that the surgeon told my mum that they are minimal. I don´t know if he is talking about their size (they were not visible on any imagery after all) or about how many there are.
    He said that dad will have chemo for 3 months and then the situation will be reassessed.
    Also next week, we will have the results of the analyses of the samples that were taken during yesterday´s laparectomy.
    So there we go.
    At the moment dad feels good but for a little pain under his plexus. He is easting very well so we hope that he will keep on gaining weight. He also said that there is no need in him complaining about the news, he needs to keep his spirit up.
    He will come back home this afternoon. Yipee!!!!!
    What I´d like to know is if anyone here has had mets on the perineum and what was the treatment that was given.
    Thanks for reading this and all of your help.

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