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    I think Caroline Stoufer has mets to the bones. Check out her blog.


    Hi Everyone,
    Just an update on my husband. Just after 4 months of no treatment and no signs of cancer, a bone scan shows mets to pelvis as well as 4 small lesions in the liver. To say the least this has been very disappointing news. We have not seen the oncologist yet, this news is from a radiologist report so we are not sure what this means in terms of treatment. His previous treatment was oxilyplatin and gemcitibine, 5 FU and radiation. He absolutely dreads the idea of beginning treatment again although I can’t believe it will ever be a rough as the first go round. He still suffers from neuropathy in his hands and feet. Has anyone had a similar experience with mets to the bone? He already had radiation to the liver. Can you max out on the amount of radiation to the body? Trying to get prepared for what to expect. Thanks . Happy Thanksgiving!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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