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    Thanks for sharing Marion. I just purchased the book on iBooks and can’t wait to start reading it. I looked at the clip from the upcoming documentary and it looks fascinating – can’t wait until the spring of 2015!



    If you have the time (lots) and inclincation, the book “The Emperor of all Maladies” is fascinating to read.
    It is about cancer; how it was described hundreds of years ago; Dana Farber and his groundbreaking work with Leukemia to the present time. It helps to understand why some cancers are treated successfully and why so much still is to be discovered.
    A PBS special will be presented in Spring of 2015:

    These are some of the quotes contained in the book:


    My son got a call from a lady who sells doterra essential oils. She said that Frankensence oil could cure my cancer!!


    Carl, no, no, no, don’t ever stop posting on anything! We are an OPEN Board and no 2 people are going to think alike. I would hope no one follows me when it comes to voicing my opinion as my forte is not Meds, its people. One of the best things about our site is that people feel they can be open. Who knows perhaps what you stated will start someone thinking in an other direction. Love the Aardvark comparison!


    Not sure I said there was a magic cure, just that there could be other options beyond the chemical world which has not proven itsefl after many years.

    Sorry if your were offended. I’ll post no more on this toic.


    Very good point Dorieen, I have never heard it from that perspective before!


    I just think if there was a ‘magic cure’ then no one would have cancer.

    and everyone would be cured.

    and if Steve Jobs couldn’t buy a ‘magic cure’ …well, then NONE of
    us can.

    he had all the money and resources a person could have, and tried
    conventional and unconventional treatments and in the end?

    He still died.

    I have a hard time believing that big pharmacy has no relatives (sisters,
    brothers, wives, husbands, children, etc) untouched by cancer and
    even THEY wouldn’t want to find a cure if that was possible.

    but i may be wrong. :)


    I feel differently.

    So far the medical world has failed miserably to find actual cures. And then, funded by Pharma, they tell you to pick your poison – chemo or radiation – both killing fields. And then they say “Trust me”. I have heard those exact words and yet I can no more trust them with care for Lynn as I would an aardvark. Not sure why I picked an aardvark but at least I know they won’t reply.

    Who decided the terrible poison called chemo was the answer. Oh Pharma that’s right.

    Who decided what is important for a trial? Oh Pharma that’s right.

    Yes the Internet is full of hoaxes. But please tell me how many of you on this forum have tried to find something more than your onc has offered. Don’t rule these out just because Pharma has not funded a trial.



    Good article. People can be so desperate for a cure for themselves or their loved ones that they will try anything…..and no matter the cost. I think there are adjunct therapies that won’t hurt but some of the things I have heart people try can be scary. I took care of a woman with breast cancer once who refused all traditional medicine for her cancer and did every cancer “cure” that she saw online or heard about including the coffee enemas. By the time she decided that it wasn’t working it was miles too late. It was sad to watch and sad to try to help her at the end. I always take things with a grain of salt….if it sounds too good to be true then in probably it.
    Just my thoughts!


    Excellent article, Gavin. You know me, I won’t take in coffee horizontally or vertically! HOW ABOUT A CUPPA?

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