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    I know some people say they know what you are going through. Reading your post, it sounds like something I could have written. I lost my Mom last Wed. I lived with her. My birthday is in a few weeks. She passed in the hospital and there are times I just tell myself she is there so that I don’t feel so alone. The day before she died, I had the hospital call me to tell me she would be released soon and to make sure that the plan was for me to bring her home. My brother is here with the kids and he leaves tomorrow. There is no way anyone can replace our Mothers. They gave us life, they nurtured us and most of all loved us with their whole heart. They are never going to be away from us. To get through this, I try to tell myself one “joy” of the day and enjoy it. It’s hard to think of the next day, hour, minute or second without them. But they wouldn’t want us to do that. And you have to take a deep breath, tell your Mom you love her, because I know she can hear you, and continue being the daughter your Mom raised and was proud of. I hope you have found some comfort from these words.


    dear peanut, i am so sorry for the loss of your mom.
    there are some books that might help you through your grief. compassion books at http://www.compassionbooks.com is where i’ve found several books that have been helpful to several friends. i found this site when i was a volunteer for hospice a long time ago. some of the titles: Molly’s Mom died, How It Feels When A Parent Dies might help you and your brothers… also possibly for your dad …When A Man Faces Grief, A Handbook For Widowers and there are many others. the staff at compassion books are very kind and some have endured the loss of a family member. donna o’toole, the founder suffered the death of two children.

    sending you a big hug,
    barb h

    peanut, i don’t visit this site often but perhaps my visit today will be of help.


    Oh Peanut I wish there was something I could say that would take away your hurt. It will just take time. My Mom passed away 10 years ago next month and I still miss her. I still have some of her stuff that I’ve kept. I don’t think you should be in a rush to go through your Mom’s stuff, it’s just been a very short time. Give yourself time to grieve. I wish I had more to offer you. Take care of yourself and I will say a prayer. God Bless,


    last wed and thursday was the worst day it the day i had to say goodbye to my mommy we had her fueral and calling hours . i hate the idea of her in the cemtary and i am missing her alot. there are days that are good but there days when i want to go and telll her sometihing or want ask her a queation and i go and then it hit me that she is not here . i cant even do her clothes or her things becasuse i want them to be where they are i have a birthday this month and it will be hard to celbrate it without my mommy here . are the any books that will hep mr deal with alll of what i am feeing? if anyone can recomend on for me and my brothers and dad it would help

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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