Mom had unsuccessful surgery today, trying to absorb the news

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    I am so sorry to hear your news. I will pray for a speedy recovery for your Mom. Everyday is a gift, cherish them.


    Dear Amy,

    Sending tons of love and hugs your way. Spend as much time as you can with your mom. Be positive, eat ice cream for breakfast, watch the sunrise, go away on vacation put your feet in the ocean, feed the ducks, take tons of photos, sky is the limit, enjoy every moment.

    Just because hey gave you a time frame does not mean mom has an expiration date on the bottom of her foot. Physician’s work off statistics and remember the Bell Curve….They gave my mother 6 months, she made is 19.5.

    I am here if you need to talk 443-496-6163 or you can email me at or you can find me on facebook.

    Hugs always,



    I am very sorry to hear this about your Mom. I hope she recovers quickly from her surgery. I hope you both continue to make memories and continue to live life to the fullest. With my daughter having cancer, I have learned to cherish every moment I have with her. Nobody knows for certain what the future holds, so treat the present like the word it is, a present. God bless you and your Mom.



    I am so sorry for your news. Try to stay strong for your Mom. Live each day one foot in front of the other, and spend much quality time together. Support and prayers to you and your Mom.


    Amy….although, it happens not too infrequently no one ever is prepared to hear the news you have received. It truly is earthshaking. My heart is goes out to you and your family.
    Though you will have days of tears and fears – treasure it because; while you feel it you still share live and love.
    Hugs and love,


    Amy –

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s bad news. This is always a devastating situation, as 10-20% of the time conventional imaging (CT, MRI, PET) fails to diagnose disease that has spread in this pattern (small nodules throughout the abdomen).

    My only advice is to say that if your mom is feeling well, take full advantage of this time with her and continue to do as much as she wants and is able to do. While the typical estimate on survival in this situation is 3-9 months, I have seen patients live much longer than that. How much time chemotherapy could add to that time is unclear, but it could be considered as long as any side effects are tolerable and the administration schedule does not interfere with any plans she wants to make to travel or do other activities.

    I wish your mom a quick recovery from her procedure such that she can get back on her feet quickly. I wish you many more wonderful days with her. She sounds like an amazing and strong woman.

    Chris Sonnenday
    University of Michigan


    Dear Amy

    This is exactly what is happening to me today. In for op, very optimistic, only to be told one hour in that it is inoperable and that there are nodules all over abdomen

    Did they not suggest chemo at all to you, to halt the progress of the disease and maybe buy some time?




    I’m so saddened by this as I know you were hoping for a much different outcome. I agree with the others, take whatever time you have left and make it memorable. Take lots of pictures and just enjoy being with your mom.



    Dear Amy,

    In April 2010 we were told my Dad had 2-3 months. His CC was inoperable. It felt like my world had been ripped from underneath me. My advice is to take each day has it comes, make memories and love each other. It is a rollercoaster journey and the bad days are made better by the good. Never give up hope. Something that we all should do as life is precious and no one knows what’s around the corner.

    Nothing can prepare you, everyone is different in their CC journey. My Dad had no pain at all, and even when he was bright orange from the jaundice, he had no itching or discomfort. He passed peacefully at home.

    Stay strong.

    Thinking of you x


    Dear Amy, loads of love, hugs and positive thoughts winging their way to you from London. xx



    So sorry to hear this sad news. All I can tell you is to make the most of this time with your mom. Yes, quality vs quantity is the key right now. Love her. Be there for her and with her. Make loving memories to hold on to in the future.

    Thinking of you and your family and sharing your pain and sadness. Stay with us. We are all here for you.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dearest Amy, I am so very sorry. Not sure in what way you want to know how to be prepared or how much you want to know. For now I would say, spend your time making more loving Memories, expect it to be true but still HOPE for more time. I don’t think there is anything to do until Mom starts showing signs, like weakness, no appetite, swelling or pain. Take a step at a time and the first is to allow her healing from the Surgery, that will take some time. If the ONC is saying to be prepared please know that you can have him call in Home Hospice at any time. Hospice does not mean it is the end but they are terriffic and could be of help as well for recuperation from the surgery. If you have specific questions flip me an email and I will answer them. Again I am so very sorry and wish the news had been different. Mom is still a Hero to us all.


    I am sorry to hear the news.
    At this point the “quality of life “v.s the” quantity of life” should be part of the equation in consideration.
    A lot of our more heart-warmed members will join in soon to give you more insights about this disease.
    God bless.


    i can’t believe the unimaginable has happened. I tried so hard to stay positive, and the amount of prayers we have going for her are amazing.
    The surgeon came out an hour into what we hoped would be a resection to tell us the cancer is everywhere, nodules all over her stomach. He said take her home and enjoy the next few months. I’m in shock..we just got back from vacation with my mom and she is doing so well, feels great and was so positive this would go well today. She is the youngest most vibrant, loved 70 year old I know. We were told 3-6 months, I just have such a hard time believing this considering how amazing she looks and feels. Any words to prepare me for what’s to come?

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