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    I am very sorry for your loss. I agree, your mom was too young but I am happy she seems to have had a peaceful passing on her terms. Hopefully the time will come when you will remember how she was pre cc and not those last weeks.



    My beloved mother passed away on Easter Monday, April the 5th at the young age of 56. She first became ill in November and everything went downhill since then. She was diagnosed with stage 4 CC in December with metastasis on the omentum. She was on Chemo for a bit, but many treatments were canceled due do various reasons with her health (low WBC’s, low protein count etc). 2 weeks before she died she was admitted into palliative care at PMH in Toronto, Ontario. The goal was to help her build up some strength so that she could return home to continue with chemo treatments. Well she never made it home. 1 week before she died she had a CT scan done which showed that the tumors on her omentum had grown from 1cm to 4cm in a matter of 3 months. Mom was very weak, she needed assistance to use the washroom, and she needed help to turn over in her bed. She stopped eating for the last 2 months, other then soup broth. She said she always felt really full. Her ascetis was really bad and she had a perm catheter inserted in her abdomen to help drain the fluid. 1 week before she died her doctor told us that her prognosis would be weeks. 4 days before she passed we took her outside in her wheelchair, and she was so happy to be outside for a bit, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, and soaked up the sun. Even though we knew it would happen soon, I still felt shocked when the nurse called me to deliver the horrible news. Mom was so strong, while she was going through all of her treatments, and even when we found out her prognosis was not good, she never complained at all. In fact the day she died she asked the nurse to tell us not to visit her, and she asked the nurse to put a sign on her door saying “no visitors”, she asked the nurse to lay her on her back, and place her rosary beside her, she asked her to remove her pajama pants and 15min later the nurse went to check on her and my mom told her to leave her alone. 15min later the nurse went to check on her again and she was gone. She died at 10:30am, and my dad usually visited her everyday at 11:30am. She somehow knew that she would did at that moment, and got into position for us. I miss her so much.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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