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Mom with recent diagnosis

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    I have no experience with either doctor and can only suggest go with the one you trust.

    I am glad the stent is relieving some of her problems. So if the hospital discharged her because they couldnt help, did they at least refer you to another hospital? I am not familiar with the abbreviation EUS what is that?

    CC doesnt really care if someone does or doesnt drink or smoke. It is useless to try to figure out the whys. If you do, it will only make you crazy. I had a conversation about this with my phychologist. That sometimes I wish it was a lifestyle cancer so I would understand why I got it and then sometimes I am so glad it is not because I would sit around thinking maybe I shouldnt have had such a good time in my early 20s and would have exercised more. But it doesnt work like that. There was little your mother could have done to prevent this. It is extremely unfair.

    I will be thinking and sending good vibes for your mother. It is good that you have a large family so everyone can support each other. I hope the procedures go well.



    My mom, age 70, was recently diagnosed. She has a tumor on the bile duct and the thought they saw something in the liver. She was very jaundiced when we made an appointment with a doctor (that was last Wednesday). She went from office visit to blood work and admission to a hospital within 48 hours. She was discharged yesterday after her bilirubin count was dropping succesfully,(stent is giving her relief) and after a biopsy confirmed the cancer type. She was discharged since that hospital is not equipped to handle her needs. Her next test is a EUS and a second ERCP with a surgical consult shortly behind this. So, we are very new to all of this. She also doesn’t drink or smoke and has been healthy her whole life. I am the eldest of 8.

    Has anyone in this discusion board heard of Dr. Rosatto from Penn? He is the surgeon that was recommended. Should we go to Fox Chase instead?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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