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    Dear Katie,

    I too am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mum, please accept my sincerest condolences to you and your family at this time. Having lost my dad to this disease in 2009 I know how you feel and what you are going through right now. But please do not beat your self up about this and what could have been or any possible misdiagnosis of your mum.

    Mary is right about how this cancer is unpredictable at the best of times and disease progression can occur very quickly for some people or not so much for others. In my dads case, he passed away 18 months after diagnosis. None of us can say for sure what happened to your mum as we are not medical professionals, but one thing I can say for sure is that you did everything you could to help your mum in her fight with CC and to help her in every way possible and I know how much that would have meant to her.

    I also lost my mum in November of last year and she like your mum was the matriarch of our small family. Again from my own experiences I can tell you that in time you will look back on the much more happier memories that you have of your mum. It will take time though and this period is different for everyone, but my advice would be to not focus on what might have been or could have been as we just do not know. Please look after yourself and know that we are here for you and my thoughts are with you and your family right now.

    My best wishes to you,



    Hi Katie7,

    Please accept my condolences for the loss of your dear mom.  I am not a medical person, so am not in a position to provide answers to your questions about why your mom’s passing was so sudden and unexpected.  This cancer is unpredictable, and despite treatment can result in liver failure.

    My sense from your message is that your mom was receiving sound medical treatment, and you and your family were taking good care of her.  It is not always possible to predict the course of this cancer.  From what you describe, she enjoyed her life and brought great joy to those around her, and her last days were peaceful.  Please do not be worrying that something was missed in her care.

    Sending prayers your way that your family finds peace and comfort in your many memories of your beloved mom.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    My sweet mom passed 2 weeks ago after being diagnosed in January. She is the matriarch of our family, the keeper of traditions, and everyone’s best friend and confidant.

    We are so heartbroken and that’s impacted by the fact that this was so sudden. She was handling chemo well, and her ca-19 and tumor measurements were shrinking. The doctors said she passed because her organs were failing. Over the weekend she was up and waking around, doing physical therapy, and laughing and talking. Then all of a sudden Monday night she fell asleep early and passed away Tuesday morning.

    We believe they misdiagnosed the fact that she had ascites for weeks. I’d love to know from your experience-if they believed it was ascites when she first had symptoms, is there anything they could have done to keep her here longer? Or is this a natural progression? Was the organ failure a result of the chemo or the cancer?

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