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    Dear Theresa,

    We do care and want you to get the help you need to heal. I think Lainy is right. It is hard to know what to say, but I know what you are going through. I lost Jim in less than 2 months. It has been over three years and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him. It isn’t easy, but I just keep trying to go on and deal with things one day at a time. I don’t have any answers for you, but just want you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping things will work out for you.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dearest Theresa, I am sorry that you only got the one response here but I don’t think people did not respond to be uncaring. I think most of us are a little shy of maybe saying the wrong thing as we have not been into this type of depression and so we cannot really advise. You are doing the right thing to be in counseling and the only thing I could suggest is trying another counselor to see if they come up with a different approach to help you get better. Could you ask your counselor if she/he has any suggestions on how you would go about getting some help for your perscriptions? I sure wish I could do more to help you but if you have not taken your RX in a couple of weeks that could also add to your present state. I hope you get back to where you need to be, I know it must be like a horrible nightmare when it is actually all real. The blessing is that you must have a wonderful daughter.


    Thanks for responding, one responce to a person that has lost husband and mother in 9 months. I’m in clinical depression, suicidal, and write to one of the places that most of the time someone has been through it before, an d has something to say. I’m guessing if someone on this log that has been through it before, they’re not around anymore to answer. NO ONE CARES CC is the most devasting disease, it not only kills the patient, but also his family.


    I hope you are ok. Have you looked into copay assistance programs?


    My Wayne left me to go see Jesus 20 months today. It has been a rough time emotionally, as wells as financially. I go to therapy once a week, and to hospice group once a week. Very few talk about the financial part, my husband had been disabled since 1988. No life insurance, I did have cancer, and medical through my work. I still have the same on me, but even with this I can’t afford the co-pay on my prescriptions. The last 3 months I have been able to get St Vincent de Paul to cover them. I was off Friday and been without medicine for two weeks the first I saw went I went was a man I had not seen there before. First he told me I had presc. coverage, I told him yes, but my deductible is high I can pay it. After him using a curse words, he went and got someone else. This is the lady I have spoke to every time I’ve been there, I told her of his language it didn’t bother her. She actually came out and told me to drop my insurance, go to a mental health clinic, and they would give my medicine for free. By then I was crying, I even tried to get her to call my therapist or hospice lady, no. I finally got out my no suicide contract I have with the therapist, she just about through it to the side. She left out, I picked up all my papers put they in my bag starting to walk out, she stopped me and told me she would do it this time. While waiting I started writing in my journal die, die, die, over and over again. When I finally got to my car, I was crying and started screaming, I was so mad and hurt. To my fortune my daughter got off early and met me about 30 minutes later, if not ????????????????

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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