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    Hi rrutherford6

    Sorry to har about your mother. I think the doctors were probably referring to a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation. This uses heat to zap tumours. You can read more about it on:


    All the best


    My 69 yr old mother just dx 2 weeks ago this cancer in her bile duct after months of high alp’s started about 5 months ago at 700 then went down to 500 and now over 1400 they first thought it was from her cholesteral med but after cat found nothing mri found nothing. the scope found blockage and automatically placed 2 stents in and the scrapings found the cancer. she was very jaudis until a few days ago she looks much better but the itching is still bothering her. She has meds for itching and it relieves it for the most.
    I was not with my mom when they explained that they want to see if she is a canidate for what she says burning ( I’m thinking laser) of the bile ducts if not then they will operate. was wondering if anyone heard of laser treatment? She has appt. in 2 weeks just wanted to learn more. thank you all.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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