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    I am so happy for your brother and your family. I hope and pray the good news continues.



    Candy Z — glad to hear the news. Yes I have used and still using stool softener Senna during the day and miralax 1 capful each morning in 4-6 ounzes of water . I then take prilosex prior to each meal and decadron steroid to keep down inflamations. How long I can press on this way is to be determined. I would rather be cancer free like your brother. He has a future each and every day, just like the rest of us still battling. I have an angle, it’s a matter of which way things go, will determine how many beautiful days I can tack on.
    Wish only the best and tell your brother to live -on! and enjoy the clean bill of heatlh. Although I know he can’t help but wonder.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Yea! We love that kind of news! Teddy will always have digestive problems and he takes a Prevacid every morning. We will put up with these smaller problems, right? Keep the good news coming!


    Candy…..such great news you are sharing with us. There is quite a bit of information in re: to digestive problems as so many of our members have had issues with it. You might want to use the Search Function on the top of the bar in order to retrieve some prior discussions. And, our JeffG has pointed out the benefit of stool softeners when encountering problems with his digestion. Also, others may be able to share more of their own experiences with you or your brother.
    Best wishes,


    My brother recently had an MRI to see if everything was “OK” (he’s having digestive and discomfort issues) and the doctor said he is still clean, no sign of the cancer. His digestive issues are more likely to be from insufficient enzymes and scar tissue and treatable, thank goodness. I wanted to post this because when I read the good news messages, it does make me feel more optimistic about the future for all of you who suffer with this. Good health to all of you! I know my brother is still living under that dark cloud where he believes the cancer is lurking, but he’s starting to believe at times that there is a future for him! So, YEA!

    -Candy Z

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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