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    That’s wonderful news!!! I had surgery in May and can relate very much to his situation. I hope so much that he continues to hear such good news with every scan…I hope that for all of us, your brother, Sue and Kris and everyone who is “cancer free”. Good news from one seems like good news for all of us, so thanks for letting us all know!



    candyz….I would also like to share the joy of your brother’s well being. It is so encouraging to hear the wonderful news and it gives hope to the rest of us. Continued success and a clear CT scan in three months is what I wish for.


    Nice to hear from both of you and hope you are doing ok….we do know that the chances of recurrence are high and that the cancer-free state is “for now”. My brother already has the next 3 month scan scheduled. I was actually surprised that the oncologist would use those particular words “cancer free.” Thanks for the prayers! they worked!


    YEAH!!!! Every night when I say my prayers (and boy has the list gotten long since joining this site!) I always remember your brother, Sue, Scott and others who are cancer free and ask that they remain so. I am so glad he can remain in that particular prayer.

    I am sure he and his children are just over the moon. Your brother proves the need for second and third opinions. I will add my little caution to Jeffs and lets just hope that he remains cancer free forever.

    Please tell him not to worry too much about not feeling well. My surgeon said I would feel like “sh!t” (his word, not mine) for at least 6 months and that complete healing would take over 18 months. Almost 2 years later, I still have no energy and get “bubbly” in my tummy for no reason.

    Take care and enjoy your brother.



    Candy Z, It is nice to hear the good news about your brother. I hope he continues to heal and feel better. Just a word of caution, is to have follow-up Scans and keep an eye on everything just in case. Some doctors will tell you, your not in the clear until after 2years of no reocurrance. Some say five.
    I hope his cancer free status carry’s on forever!

    Bless You,


    Hi all, I haven’t posted in quite some time. After my brother’s successful resection early this year he felt really lousy for a long time but had 6 weeks of chemo/radiation. He had a scan a couple weeks ago and the doctors have declared him cancer-free!!! He still has pain and I’m not sure why, but think it’s more to do with his body being all switched around as well as his RA and Osteoporosis. He’s looking good and I’m so happy for him and for all of us. Thank goodness we didn’t stick with the doctor who said his next step was hospice!!!! Note to all-get a second or third opinion. If we hadn’t, my brother might not be with us today. God Bless all of you who struggle with this. Candy Z

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