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    Dear Mohit, welcome to our wonderful family! We are so very sorry to hear about your Mom. It sounds like the doctors are doing all the right things and when one goes in for CC surgery the doctor never knows what they are going to find until they are in the area. With that said, we are firm believers in second and third opinions.
    My husband had a Whipple 5 years ago and did well for about 3 years. Then it returned where the duodemun used to be. A year after that it returned again. He had Cyberknife and it was wonderful. Unfortunately a year later it returned again! I do know that for Cyber Knife the mass must be under 7cm in size and there can not be a lot of other tumors. After his Whipple 5 top doctors all said chemo would not help him. I know you will be getting lots of suggestions and welcomes here. In the meantime you might search around our site as we have tons of information. There is a section on Nutrition as well. Are the doctors giving Mom anything for the Nausea? There are some wonderful meds for that and they really do help. Please keep us posted.


    Hello everyone.

    I m from kolkata India,n m lucky to have access to this site.first of all i would like to give a brief history of my moms(44 yrs)health.

    2001 : gallbladder stone operation.
    gallbladder was removed
    technique: laparoscopy
    Apollo New Delhi

    2004-05 diagnosed with peptic ulcer
    technique: Endoscopy
    Apollo Chennai
    Discontinued Allopathic medicines and started Ayurvedic treatment under local prescription.

    Aug: Symptoms of jaundice like yellowing of skin and urine, itching, loss of weight and appetite,
    treatment of jaundice under local doctor for around one month.
    Oct :
    Apollo Kolkata
    MRCP showed a tumour in CBD(Common bile duct) which was the reason of obstructive jaundice.
    A plastic stent was fitted in CBD to relieve from jaundice with ERCP technique. Brushings for biopsy was taken In ERCP Which showed negative for malignancy.
    CT Scan showed extra hepatic tumour which can be removed by surgery.

    Apollo Cancer hospital Kolkata
    Under went Whippel surgery for removal of tumour Under doctor Shaikat gupta. Surgery was unsuccessful coz while operation doctors came to know that the tumour is intra hepatic and biopsy of mass from Frozen section Showed +ve for malignancy on Nov 10th.
    Still has sever nausea tendency
    And rest is written in reports.
    Planning to do PET CT scan asap and also planning to replace plastic stent with metal stent.

    we still havent started any kind of treatment/therapy because we are still not sure what is best in her case.(she is unaware of this fatal disease n she is not mentally very strong to be able to accept this).we dont want to go for chemotherapy.I have heard of therapies like immuno therapy, cyberknife ,naturopath,herbotherapy etc but unable to decide which therapy to start.can anyone enlighten me in this case n help me out .She has sever vomiting tendancy and she unable to retain anything she eats.I would be greatfull if anyone can help me in this matter.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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