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    I am so sorry that you have lost your sweet Patty. I always read your posts and followed your story, thinking how great it must be to Love someone as much as you loved Patty. The Tribute to her was beautiful and It was wonderful to be able to see your faces. I wish you much healing, and know that she is always with you.

    Love Lisa


    Dear Ted, I haven’t been at this board for awhile but would always read your posts. Thank you for the link to Patty’s memorial video. It was a privilege to see it and get to know her face and see what a beautiful person she was. I am so sorry for your loss.


    Here is the website to Patty’s tribute



    Cathy and Gerry and all my wonderful family here. Patty died three weeks ago today and it seems like three years. My heart aches beyond words for my beautiful love. Patty use to say that God always brings something good from things that seem so terrible at the time. I reminded her how much of a spiritual inspiration she was to everyone that she came in contact with. Through our post, I tried to convey the wonderful strength she was to me and the strength she immulated to all around her. I believe that this was the good that has come from her experience as she knew that we would all meet again. Through it all, she always had that beautiful smile. This year, Christmas is a difficult time for me. Every carol I hear and every Christmas tree I see remnds me of the wonderful times we had at Christmas but I am still drawing strength from her memory and the strength that she had right up until the end. I hope you all have gone to the website that has such a wonderful tribute to my dear sweet Patty. It will only be there for a few more days. She loved you all as I do also. I am wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas. Hold your loved ones close.

    Patty’s Song

    A life is like a song we write

    In our own tone and key,

    Each life we touch reflects a note

    That forms the melody.

    We choose the theme and chorus

    Of the song to bear our name.

    And each will have a special sound,

    No two can be the same.

    So when someone we love departs,

    In memory we find

    Their song plays on within the hearts

    Of those they leave behind.

    And when I hear the sweet birds call,

    Or the whispering of the breeze.

    I know that Patty’s sweet song of love,

    Is whispering her love song to me.



    Your story is the first one we read when I discovered this wonderful website. Your’s and Patty’s story, faith in the Lord and love for each other has carried us thru some pretty difficult times to face. My husband has Cholangiocarcinoma and Your’s and Patty’s valiant faith helps all of us to face what we must and to remember the promises of God that we will one day be reunited. Thank you for sharing with all of us your faith and love. Patty will always be close to our hearts. Cathy and Gerry


    Ted-my heart aches for you. What a lovely tribute to Patty. Let her love shine on you every day. We thank you for letting us share the love you had for each other. Patrice


    Ted –

    I am saddened to hear that Patty has left us. Through your postings, we can see what a wonderful love you had for each other as well as for our Lord. It has been inspiring to other family and patients dealing with this disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you – may your love and memories help get you through this diffiicult time.

    Your story has really touched me because my dad and Patty were diagnosed/treated at the same age and both passed last month.

    May God Bless You!

    Dad had GBC


    Ted – your love for your Patty is familiar to a lot of us going through this with a beloved spouse. Please know that you and Patty touched many of us and your loss makes it even more important to make sure we appreciate our own families during this season. Am so sorry for your loss.


    Ted ……We love You and Patty also. She is in a place of everlasting peace and joy! A big hug and pat on the back too you from me. I close my eyes and see the beautiful smile that you described… so serene…. Thank You so much for sharing such precious moments.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Dear Ted,

    The video tribute to Patty was lovely. She was obviously a warm, wonderful woman who loved life, a good time, and her family and friends. I am so very sorry for your loss, and wish you peace and comfort. My husband, Mike, 57, died seven months ago…with a smile on his face. It is comforting to know that we will see our loved ones again, and also to know their hard-fought battles and suffering have come to an end. Even though it doesn’t seem possible right now, you will get your arms around the anguish and grief that comes with losing a spouse, and you will incorporate all of those lovely memories of your years with Patty, and her passing, into your life. And you will move on. Please know that you have the love, friendship and support of all of us touched by cholangiocarcinoma. Whatever we can do for you to ease your pain, we will.



    Dear Ted (and Patty)
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to Patty. She was a beautiful person and will never be forgotten.
    My heart is with you


    Dear loved ones,
    Today I was alone most of the day with my thoughts and my memories of my precious Patty. The memorial service was beautiful. It was a service that Patty would have been very proud of. I miss her so much already. She is everywhere I look. She is present in every thought. I hear her soft voice telling me that she loved me. I know that time will bring healing. I know that all of you that grew to love her will miss her also and if I shed a tear once in a while when I talk about her, I know that you will understand. Your Prayers and love will always be with me also. Thank you all for being a part of mine and Patty’s life.
    Love and God Bless,
    Ted (and Patty)

    To see a beautiful tribute to Patty, please go to the the link below. It will be on the website for 28 days from this date.



    I am so sorry for your dear Patty’s passing into spirit. It has been almost 11 months since I lost my precious Dad and the one thing that has pulled me out of darkness is my belief that he is waiting for me one day and I try to live my life in such a way that he would be proud. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. I know that you will be able to draw much comfort from the love you and Patty shared.

    Peace and Brightest Blessings,
    Missing U


    Dear Ted,
    Yours and Patty’s story is one of faith and love. Thank you for sharing it. I pray that Charlie and I can stand as firm in our faith as you and Patty have witnessed to the world for whatever God has in store for us. He is truly in control.

    Prayers and love,


    Dear Ted
    I feel so much for you and the hole in your heart. You were truly blessed with so much love.
    Thank you for writing about both Patty and yourself.
    it was a truly beautifull journey and reading about you helped me to believe we will all see each other again.
    love and light for ever Alans Mom

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