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    Big hugs to you, Ted. Thank you for the prayer; it is beautiful. I will keep you and Patty in my thoughts and prayers for the same beliefs and reunion.



    Dear Ted,
    Thank you for sharing Patty’s and your journey. Both of you are in my heart forever.
    All my love



    We were sorry to read about Patty and deeply sadden. It is obvious you loved each other dearly. Take comfort in meditating on the great times you enjoyed together.

    Charlene E
    (Cook Family)


    Dear Ted,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your stories about Patty’s fight were inspiring for my Dad, who also decided not to do chemo. My thoughts are with you and your family.



    Dear Ted,
    I am so sorry to hear of Patty’s passing. Your love for each other was and is beautiful – may you have peace and comfort.


    Ted – I am so sorry to hear about Patty. It is obvious to all of us that you had a special love for each other that will last for eternity. You will be in my thoughts. – Colleen


    Oh Ted,

    I am so sorry. I have read your posts and it has always made me feel better to read about and feel your wonderful relationship together. You have both been blessed and you WILL see each other again. Try to think good thoughts. You are in my prayers and thoughts.



    I’m so sorry. Your message was beautiful and conveyed so well the Patty most of us never knew except through our connection here.
    You, and Patty, will always have a place in this community.



    I am sorry for your loss. Patty was a beautiful woman and your love for her always shine through in your posts. The faith you and Patty shared is inspirational. You and your family are in my prayers.



    Dear friends,
    I have a hole in my heart right now that surgery cannot mend. My beautiful Patty breathed her last breath November 26, 2007. She went to sleep peacefully after telling me the morning before that she would love me forever. I sat beside her bed and held her until her final breath. She had her beautiful smile right up until the end. She will forever inspire me to remember that there is still beauty and love in this world. Patty fought valiantly for one year before cc took her life. She grew to love each one of you, as I would read all the new post to her. Patty had a sparkling personallity and a childlike ehthusiasm for all of the wonderful things of life. Her firm belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and eternal life caused her to have no fear of death. She went to her death with the excitment that we would meet again on that resurrection morning when all tears will be wiped away and we will be together again for eternity. Mine and Patty’s prayer is that each one of you will stand firm in that belief and someday in Heaven, we will all meet and know that it was all worth it. We love you all.
    Ted (and Patty)

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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