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    Dear Carolann,Sorry to hear about ur mum
    Its more and less same feeling coz I too lost my mom on same date and see irony of fate that I too was not there when Lord took her.The void left is very hard to fill.
    My Prayers for you


    My heart aches for you as you deal with the loss of your mother. Please know that all on this site share your sadness as another family member succumbs to this disease. My husband is the same age as your mother and I know the fear and sadness my own children are dealing with. May you soon find peace with loss.


    Today it is a year since my beloved husband died of cc. The pain doesn’t diminish – time doesn’t heal all wounds- , but it comes less often.

    My sincere condolences to you Carolann on the loss of your mother and I wish you all strength in the coming months.


    Losing a loved one is a difficult process in itself, but such a rapid loss feels like your heart has been torn out and stomped on from one day to next. My dad was in the hospital for two weeks before being diagnosed with cc, one week after being diagnosed he passed away. He was only 45 and very fit. I know how hard it is to see someone so important in your life just slip away so fast. Although the pain will never go away, God will find ways to help you heal. It has been 5months since my daddy passed and there are moments when i can almost hear him laughing along at our jokes. Just remember the good times… my heart fills with sadness to know that so many people have to go through something horrible like this. My condolences and prayers for you and your family.




    Hya Carolann, it’s so awful. The shock really hits home at how quick some of our loved ones go. Your mom sounded so full of life just like my alan. All of us have fantastic memories and hopefully one day they may ease our pain. I send my love to you and do take care xxxxxxxxx


    thankyou so much for ur replies and all your lovely words, wish u all well and i will b here from time to time take care all xxx


    Oh Carolann, so sorry. Can’t believe, your Mum and my Mum gone in such a short space of time. Truly shocking.
    No doubt, we can empathize alot with eachother right now.
    Take care sweet thing, much love to you and all your family. Your Mum sounded like a fantastic lady. I hope you are able to dwell on the lovely memories, and not the sad ones of her illness.


    Hi Carolann, My sincere / heart felt sympathy to you and your family. May your beloved Mum rest in peace now and you all cherish the lovely memories of her for eternity.
    Jeff G.


    Oh Carolann, this is such a sad time for so many people lately – I am so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to bear, sometimes I think I’m selfish because I should just be grateful that I had such a wonderful mom and there are some who never had that love, and that makes me feel just a little little bit better, to think how lucky I have been. And it sounds like you were very lucky too, to have such a wonderful and positive influence in your life. We’ll try to hang on to that and remember them as they deserve to be remembered – and maybe one day they’ll find a way to beat this horrible cancer so that caring and loving people like your mother won’t have to be taken from us too soon.


    my adorable mum. aged- 52 passed away 26/04/2007. 10.10 pm my mum was diagnosed with cc just a mear 8 wks ago. her life revolved around her children and grand children. she was a very popular lady who had time of day 4 every one and anyone. she was loving and caring who lived life as normal as she cud as from the early yrs 30s she was riddle with authuritis but she was very independant, never complained she just got on with it. always had a smile rite up to the time of my mum passing. words cant describe how im feeling, mixed emotions numb, hurt, and empty. my mum was my world.the only the thing i hate myself for is not being there wen the lord took her. but that was probably the way she wanted it. she saw all her family before she left for a better place. we all spent all day with her just didnt get back there in time wen she was ready but then again mum ad always been arkward. she was a remarkable young lady, she did av a short battle but sed she wasnt going to be beaten, in the end she had 2 bugs one was two b the most defiant of the two and wouldnt give in. she ad fought all day to stay and u could see her in her eyes she was weak and she was telling us she couldnt fight it no more. i will always remember her as the happy loving mum as she was. R.I.P mum love u always.

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