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    I have a positive story for my boyfriend Adri to tell. (written him boyfirend because we are not married officially, practically we live together, here is Netherlands so it is normal living together without marriage, though I am a tranditional Chinese. )

    Adri, 59 years old, look healthy always, only since 2 years he cannot drive on the high way, did not know why. In March 2007, he became to be yellow and has itech on his skin and has no apetite for eating, lossing weight. It took about 3 weeks, the diagnostis result from the hospital came in the begining of April: cholangiocarcinoma, tumor on the higher part of the bile duct, not spread yet, about 3×4 mm, not resectable, the only treatment could be done was a stein to guide the bile; no hope for chemical therapy also becuase it will not react.

    I was searching from internet and found sites about chinese medicien effective for curing. Though a lot of criticise say cheating, we still gave a try because there is no other hope. Begining June we went to a hospital by the specialist who made teh medicien, in Zhuhai, to get the treatment. We stay there 10 days and come back, the check result in July was that first teh blood check result become to be better, than the CT-scan shows the tumor became to be smaller. In July Adri went to the hospital again and stayed there for one month, the check result in August, September, October are very good for blood testing, the CA199 (normal < 24) was done twice, in July 3500, in October 52. His doctor in Holland is surprised again and again. This chinese treatment is very effective for Adri, that is for sure. I do see also in June he easily got sick but for last 3 months he did not get sick, he works 6 days per week. But blood test is not everything, CT-scan (3rd time for Adri) would say more, however we wait for one week to get it planed but it will be Decemeber. At the moment we are deciding when to go there again for more treatment. Nobody know how it will develop. From Chinese hospital, they said 6 treatment is needed, he should be there before October, but somehow we still have not gone there yet. But he still take the medicien. The site for medicine information:

    I did not read through all your post, maybe what I post here is not new, but anyhow, I would bring this sharp to whoever judged no hope. Nobody can gurantee anything, but you can consider a try for this Chinese treatment.

    If you feel needed, you can contact me at tian_luxian@yahoo.com

    Kind regards

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