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    It is so nice hear your dad is receiving loving care at home and enjoying
    the little things in life like a slice of pizza.. May you have many more
    days of loving memories with your dad.
    Warm Regards, Ray – North Carolina


    When my dad ended chemo last week his oncologist said he would probably have some good days and she was right! He enjoyed a nice car ride, breakfast outside on a cooler morning, and a big piece of yummy pizza at his favorite coffee shop. He’s been treated like a king! Behind the scenes, I say this because only caregivers know these things, he now has a pain patch we change every 72 hours. He also has morphine for break through pain. He is still so confused! He doesn’t know which bedroom is his at my sister’s house, still counting and sorting his keys, but can’t count his money, and has trouble figuring out which way his boxers go on. I just love him and give him his space under a watchful eye. I had a phone conversation with his GI doctor yesterday. My dad’s plastic stent is getting pretty old now. His doctor said he would leave the stent alone and he would not insert an external drain bag in my Dad’s case. He said we have done everything we can and we need to make him comfortable. Hospice came on board a week ago and with the holiday, when did Labor Day become such a huge holiday?, they have been twice. Yesterday they were suppose to come to my sister’s house, but they went to my dad’s house instead! Ironic thing we had just left his house after getting a few things. He had slipped into his recliner while we were there and had to wake him to come back for the hospice visit. They have been to my sister’s house twice, but the paperwork had his house listed. I’m going to have to dig deep for some patience and not let that stress me out. Well I appreciate being able to vent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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