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    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I think that the period immeadiately after diagnosis is the worst. It takes along time for the shock to wear off and there seems to be som much to take in and frightening decisions that need to be made quickly. My advice to you (my Dad has cc, diagnosed July 2005) is as follows:

    – try not to take too much notice of some of the stuff you read on the internet. Much of it is frightening and misleading. This is a disease that effects different people in different ways, we have some long term survivors on this site.

    – try to look at surgical options first and don’t be afraid to seek plenty of surgical opinions from surgeons who have experience of this difficult cancer. This is complex surgery, some surgeons will operate on cases deemed inoperable elsewhere. (I don’t know where you are based to give suggestions)

    – keep strong and have hope. Question Drs and do your research, there are options out there other then chemo. I do not want to reccomend one type of treatment over another, this is a very individual thing. You might want to read up on DC therapy in addition/instead of chemo.

    Sorry that you have to be facing this, but know that there is hope. you have come to the right place for support and information. Very best wishes, Jules


    Sorry to hear about your father. My father also has cc for 2 years now, diagnosed June 17th, the worst day of my life. However, he has a good appetite and taking supplements. Try to encourage your father to eat small portions and drink plenty of water. My father was on gemzar and xeloda and we should get results of ct scan from June 22 soon.



    my name is angelique. i’ve been reading many of your posts and have found them very helpful. my dad started chemo today. he found out he had cc two days ago. i’m trying to do everything i can to help him. i’m not ready to lose him yet. he is only 56 years old. i wish he could at least eat without throwing up because he’s so skinny. when i hug him all i feel are his bones.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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