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    Thank you for your posts. They mean a lot to me. Today was a better day. My dad started the day more alert and asked for his favorite coffee and an egg sandwich. It was nice to visit with him and see him awake. He’s had a nice long nap and a visit from his Hospice nurse. She was very kind to him and chatted with me for a while. That was nice because I am by myself for about ten hours a day! His nurse said he will go in and out of these phases for a bit and then he will wake up less and less. She said he may or may not have more pain, but we can manage it with more morphine. She is going to start coming two times a week. We are getting a hospital bed with a bed tray. Last week my dad managed to spill a 4 cup mug of coffee in his bed. It wasn’t hot, ( i always make sure it is luke warm) but the mess was something! It smelled like coffee all day
    in his room!


    Pam…..Nice to hear that your Dad is feeling peaceful and has not lost his desire for some of his favorite foods. You might not need to worry about other symptoms creeping up. I wish for that.


    Hi Pam,

    I am glad to hear you say that your dads pain and confusion have gone and also that he is peaceful. And like Lainy, I too hope that they do not come back and will keep my fingers crossed for this.

    Best wishes to you and your dad,



    Pam, I am hoping too that all the pain and confusion have goen away Funny but yesterday Teddy asked for ice cream and oranges!!!


    My dad’s confusion and break through pain have subsided and now he just mostly sleeps. He doesn’t have an appetite for anything except cold oranges and ice cream, so that’s what he gets. He can still get up to go to the bathroom but urine output has decreased significantly. He said he is just worn out, but he is peaceful. He is very jaundice and will not receive a stent exchange. I just pray that he doesn’t have any other pain or new symptoms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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