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    Dearest Pam

    I am so glad that everything went well for you and the family yesterday.

    I am sure that would be very happy at all the thought and care and love that went into the services.

    Take care.

    With love



    I loved hearing about your tribute for your Dad. I will have to plan something soon and I am all about pre-planning, because everything gets pushed and blurred at the time of services. Take care and remember your not alone, just get on line. Your friends are here quite frequently. G


    Dear Pam,

    What a great tribute to your dad, and thank you so much for sharing it with us all.



    I’m glad you had a chance to honor your father in such a touching way.


    Dear Pam,

    What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. I’m sure he will be watching you all with a big smile on his face, along with your Mom.

    Take care

    Love and hugs



    What a wonderful celebration of a life appreciated. I am so glad that your family had this time to honor the dad you loved so much. Blessings to you and yours, Susan


    Thank you Pam, for letting us share this special event with you and your family. What a tribute to a wonderful man this was.


    Thanks for sharing Pam, your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man with a lot of great memories.


    Pam, what a wonderful tribute to your Dad and even the weather cooperated. I am sure he was watching with a huge smile across his face. You know, I also believe the day is coming that you feel him all around you and then I like to say, he is not gone he has only left the room. Please don’t become a stranger to us, we love to hear from you!


    We just had two days of the most beautiful services possible for my dad. Visitation was a gathering of friends of my parents, relatives from his hometown, and coworkers to support my sister, husbands and myself and people from his favorite coffee shop. We had picture boards that even included a snap of my dad as a witness to a bank robbery! That evoked some conversation! It was very relaxed and appropriate for his personality. We had a to die for carmel cake in the break room.

    Today was a interment of both my Mom and Dad at the VA National Cemetery. (my mom passed two years ago and we had kept her ashes.) My dad was honored with a full military service. Weather wise, it was just wonderful. Of course the bugle playing of taps got to everyone. My husband and brother in law were in their military uniforms. My husband is Air Force and b-I-l in Coast Guard.

    We went to my sister’s house for food and more conversation. It was perfect and such an honor to the man my dad was!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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