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My First Christmas in Heaven

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    I also thank you for this poem. In my case it was my son I lost to cc last April at the age of 24. Christmas was his favorite time of year, and even in March when he was diagnosed I began worrying how our family would make it through the holidays without him. Shaun was so at peace during those last weeks. He made us promise to get counseling when he was gone. He made all his own final arrangements. As depressed as I still get, I think of Shaun’s courage and I’m so proud of him. And I can picture him getting reacquainted with his beloved grandmother, and cheering us on down here.


    Missing U,
    Thank you for sharing the poem with us, it is truly beautiful and comforting. I too have had to spend my first Christmas without my precious Dad. I never even had the time to give this holiday any thought this year, couldn’t leave Dad to go buy gifts, wouldn’t decorate, and just knew he wasn’t going to be here. Christmas was always Dad’s favorite time of year growing up as kids. He loved to give and he loved to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Our Christmas’s were the best and will always remain so clear in my memories. I am missing Dad as much as you are missing yours. You are in my thoughts too, as you helped me so much just being here to listen to me.
    Much Love,



    This is my first Christmas withot my precious Dad and I am trying to do my best to honour his life by emmulating the goodness that was with him until the end of his days. Although I am not a very religious person, I do consider myself very spiritual. I believe that my Dad is with his family this year, catching up… I know it sounds silly, but it is my way of getting through the season. On a particularly sad day I happened upon this poem and thought I’d share it in the event that it might bring a little comfort.

    Peace to you all and may you feel the arms of your loved one embracing you this holiday season and always.

    Missing U

    My First Christmas in Heaven

    I see the countless Christmas Trees
    Around the world below
    With tiny lights
    Like heaven’s stars
    Reflecting on the snow
    The sight is so spectacular
    Please wipe away that tear
    For I am spending Christmas
    With Jesus Christ this year
    I hear the many Christmas songs
    That people hold so dear
    But the sounds of music can’t compare
    With the Christmas choir up here
    I have no words to tell you
    The joy their voices bring
    For it is beyond description
    To hear the angels sing
    I know how much you miss me
    I see the pain inside your heart
    But I am not so far away
    We really aren’t apart
    So be happy for me dear ones
    You know I hold you dear
    And be glad I’m spending Christmas
    With Jesus Christ this year
    I send you each a special gift
    From my heavenly home above
    I send you each a memory of
    My undying love
    After all “love” is the gift
    More precious than pure gold
    It was always most important
    In the stories Jesus told
    Please love and keep each other
    As my Father said to do
    For I can’t count the blessing
    Or love he has for each of you
    So have a Merry Christmas
    And wipe away that tear
    Remember I am spending Christmas
    With Jesus Christ this year.

    ~ Author Unknown

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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