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    I knew that as I saw 1,000,000 work orders for him!


    Thanks Marion and Lainy! The boxing gloves are ON! Tom is off to his first IV Chemo round. I’m hoping he doesn’t get too sick from the chemo. His attitude is VERY POSITIVE which is a good thing! He says that his work on this earth is not done yet so he wants to hang around for a while yet.



    Dear Margaret and Tom…..what the heck????????? You are both truly amazing in your fight and your attitude. Put those boxing gloves back on and we know the best man will knock it for a loop! Sending you good thoughts and prayers as always.


    Margaret……I am wishing for an uneventful first day of infusion with a great CT reading to come.
    A tidal wave of good wishes are coming your way,


    Oh…I also forgot that his CA19-9 tumor markers went from 92 in August up to 184 on 09/22/2010. So there is something to be said for the CA19-9 tumor markers…


    Bad news for my husband Tom.

    He had his CT scan revealed on Tuesday and he went for the results on Wednesday.

    Liver: The scan revealed a 2.2 cm low-density lesion at the posterior aspect. There is a 1.7 cm lesion just anterior to that. There is a 1.8 cm lesion just lateral. There is a 2.7 cm lesion at the anterior margin which extends beyond the margin of the liver. All of these lesions have enhancing margins. Inferiorly and posteriorly there is a 1.5 cm lesion which is less well-defined. It appears that 2 of these lesions were present on the prior exam but have increased in size. Dilated ducts are seen anteriorly.

    Pelvis: There is a 11 x 4.2 x 10.5 cm soft tissue mass in the pelvis anteriorly at the posterior aspect of teh right rectus muscle which appears continuous with muscle and extends in the peritoneal cavity and extends down anterior to the bladder consistent with metastasis.

    Today Tom had aPort installed and he starts IV Chemotherapy tomorrow. He will be on gemcitabine and cisplatin. His Chemotherapy will take about 3 1/2 hours on day 1 (tomorrow) then 8 days later another infusion, then 21 days with nothing, then repeat that cycle.

    Another CT scan after that to see how the ‘lesions’ and the mass look.

    Lesions…humm another nice way of saying ‘cancerous tumor’

    The good news is that Tom still wants to fight to try and KICK this cancer! I have made him promise that when the KICKIN’ gets to be too much and his quality of life starts to suffer he will say ‘enough is enough’ – after all we all know that the human body can only take so much. His oncologist feels that he will be strong enough to handle the chemo…

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer.

    Margaret and Tom

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