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    What beautiful posts, Margaret. I love the fact that little Tommy could sense Papa’s presence even after his passing.

    I’m sure the service will be wonderful. I’m thinking of you.


    Dear Margaret,

    I am happy Tom let you know he is ok in heaven. I bet he will be checking on you and letting you know he is ok and loves you a lot. I pray for God to give you strength to get through this weekend. I am sure Tom’s service will be beautiful. I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and hope you will be ok.

    Love, -Pam


    I have to also add that after about 10 minutes after his passing, Lil Tommy in his mommy’s arms, looked up at the ceiling – got a great big smile on his face and said “Papa, buh bye Papa” and waved bye bye with his little hand all the while looking up at the ceiling.

    They say that children are suspectible to that type of thing.

    Then my daugher Brianne sang the song he requested to sing at his funeral “Go rest high on that Mountain” by Vince Gil, while kneeling on the floor close to him. It was very peaceful and I’m so very happy that I choose to NOT put him in Inpatient Hospice as it was important to be at home with me when he passed.



    Dear Margaret,

    I too will be thinking of you and your family. That was a beautiful post. My first signs from Jim were blinking lights and other electric things. Yes, you will see more signs as long as you are open to them and I know you are.

    Take care Margaret. Come back and let us know how you are doing when you can.

    Love & Hugs,


    Margaret, your post is beautiful and encompasses everything that Tom meant to you. You meant the world to him too! I hope for peace and rest for you. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this sad time.


    Dearest Margaret, I am thinking of you today and sending prayers. I was so happy to see that Tom let you know he arrived. That was amazing and made me feel good as well. Keep watching, he will be all around you and that will bring you much comfort. The first sign I had was also the blinking of a light, in the kitchen. Later gets much better with signs. Try to remember as I do that our time with our boys was short but we had what most never have in a lifetime! We are lucky. I love you and wish I could be there with you now, but you are going to do fine. Take a rest, but let us know how you are doing.


    My beloved Husband, Thomas G. Lepp passed away on Sunday, November 20, 2011 after a couragous 3 year 8 month battle with Cholangiocarcinoma.

    We were hoping that after his successful resection in March 2008 and after 18 months of him being and looking so healthy that we had beat the cancer. But, Alas it was not to be. In Nov of 2009, he started turning yellow. His oncologist gave him 6 months. But he fought successfully and lived another two years. Almost exactly 2 years to the day when he started to turn yellow and I knew something was wrong. It was Thanksgiving day, 2009. And he passed onto his heavenly journey just 4 days before Thanksgiving 2011. The 2nd day of the big Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season. I know he’s up there in Heaven with Jesus holding him in his arms. And he’s already healed again and whole and hunting with his nephew who passed away in 2008 during deer hunting season.

    He will be sadly missed my all his blended family, 7 Children, 15 grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, sisters, brothers in law, sisters in law and many, many friends. And all of his CC family from this board.

    As like Teddy does for Lainy, he has already given me a sign that he made is safely. The lights in the 4 season room where he spent most of his time in the last two years, flickered off, on, off, on – but only that light. I know it was his sign for I asked him to send me one.

    His journey was rough for him, but he fought so hard because he didn’t want to leave me. I hope one day see his picture on the faces of cholangiocarcinoma page. I submitted it two years ago and maybe it got lost.

    I sit here in Tom’s recliner, now my favorite place to sit with his little sidekick and namesake slumbering beside me and I feel at peace. I know the worst is yet to come with the wake today and the funeral tomorrow. These next two days will certainly take their toll on me.

    For the rest of you, continue your fight and I hope you win, be couragous and for my Tommy and all of you I pray that one day, we will find a cure for this horrible cancer that is taking more and more of our loved ones.

    Go with God my Tommy, Soar away, fly away on Eagles Wings!

    Your loving wife,

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