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    Hi Margaret,

    So glad Toms tube change went well and he’s feeling so great.

    My Mom has been feeding my Dad every few hours too, as he lost weight during his stent change in hospital, mainly due to an infection he picked up. He is slowly getting there, he’s gaining 1Ib per week, still got a few to go but hopefully he will get there just in time for chemo to start. My Mom looks after my son whilst i’m at work and he said “Nan sure is trying to fatten Grandad up, are you sure she doesn’t want to eat him?” Think his imagination is running wild! They had tried to cut his dairy and fats out of his diet but the Doctor said to eat what he wants as it’s more important at the moment to get the calories. He doesn’t eat unhealthy but Mom is allowing the odd cream cake and trifle now.

    Wishing you and Tom all the best



    Margaret and Tom,

    I was sorry that I didn’t see your postings before the doctor appt., BUT I am so happy for the great outcome. Here’s to putting some weight back on now.


    That sounds WONDERFUL. Teddy is a very lucky man indeed. Don’t we all gather what we can use from everyone we meet in life? At least you can thank Brand X for that!

    Take care all.



    Margaret, lately T is in to pasta even more, rice and comfort foods. We loved sweets but not so much anymore. This week I made sweet sour meatballs with mashed potatoes, chicken paprikash (when I was married to brand X he was Hungarian) and Salmon, home made chicken soup.
    He eats half of what he used to eat. I am fearful the dreaded nauseua may be starting. Nurse Dawn comes tomorrow. Good luck on the fattening job.



    Too funny! Hopefully the Packers will give Teddy some good quality Football time this year.

    Only 5 hours since the tube exchange and Tom is like a new man! He’s talkative, cracking jokes, etc….just more like the man I fell in love with and married!

    You are right, we are KICKIN’ IT and I for one plan on doing it for some time yet. Tom is down to 111 pounds now, but I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve to get some weight back on him. No matter what, he’s going to be eating something every two hours during the day. Now that I’m working at home, I can monitor him more closely….
    Love, kisses and hugs.



    Margaret and Tom…..WAY TO GO! You guys are kick’in so good perhaps the Packers will hire you! Teddy is already watching pre season games. To me pre season is to salt and pepper before you cook! Love your good news!



    The tube exchange went very well. Funny, everyone knows Tom by name! We should get some frequent flyer miles! Doc said that he should have been there last week for the tube exchange. It was plugged up tight! Therefore all the bile was backing up into his system, which explains the yellow eyes and the yellow skin tone. Also explains the pain in the liver….the new tube will decompress the liver and the pain and the yellow will go away.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Like I said before, I could not travel this road without all of YOU!

    Go with GOD and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer.

    Margaret & Tom


    Good luck today – I’ll be thinking of you and Tom and hoping for good news in your next posting.



    Hi Margaret,

    I hope that all goes well for Tom today. Keeping everything crossed and sending a load of positive thoughts over your way.

    Best wishes,



    Margaret and Tom,

    You’ve got it! We are all pulling for Tom and hoping everything goes well. I will be thinking of you both tomorrow and hoping that everything goes well.

    Love & hugs for both of you.



    Margaret and Tom, I am crossing everything I own, even my eyes! Wishing you the best out come for tomorrow!


    Margaret and Tom….all my good wishes are coming your way.


    Margaret and Tom,

    You will both be in my prayers tomorrow. Hugs and strength to the both of you!



    Dear Friends:

    Tom goes in tomorrow for ‘another’ tube exchange. He’s been running a low grade temp, the bile is getting thick (no bad smell yet) and he’s turning yellow again, the whites of his eyes are no longer white and now his belly is turning yellow. All signs indicating that the tube is plugged up. So BayCare Aurora here we come. Tomorrow at 1pm he has to be there. Once that is done, hopefully things will settle down and he’ll return to being his ‘normal’ color.

    Prayers are gratefully accepted, hoping all goes well.

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer.

    Margaret and Tom



    I think with the tegaderm film you should be able to soak in the tub as the tegaderm will keep the site dry. The water would not hurt the tube or the bag. The pool might be a different story because of the chemicals that are used to keep the water clean, not sure how that would affect the tube and bag. But hey if you have the tegaderm film on I don’t see that it would hurt anything as long as you aren’t in the pool for hours!

    You could always run through (well, maybe walk through) the sprinkler!

    I will get some more of the tegaderms out to you next week!




    All fingers crossed that he can get rid of that nasty bag! I’ve been trying to convince myself that “my bile bag is my friend” but it’s not working very well… Oh, to be able to soak in a tub, or jump in a pool!

    Wishing you the very very best luck!


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