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    Hi Nicki,

    Great to hear from you again, and thanks for letting us know how Chris got on today with the radiologist today. I so hope that the blood test results will come back good so that things can get moving on the Nanoknife treatment. Please let us know how this goes and my fingers are crossed for you both. And yes, Helen is an angel and that is great to hear that you are in touch with her! She does so much outstanding work with AMMF and I am sure that she will be of great help to you and Chris.

    One other thing I forgot to mention is the work and help that a Macmillan Nurse can do. My dad had the services of a Mac nurse after his diagnosis and she helped him and us so much. It was great just having someone there that a times you could just lean on and who also I found was great at just getting things done for you if need be. I know that it might not be for everyone, but my dads nurse was great for him and I just thought I would mention what they can do for you in case you hadn’t been offered their services. If you want any more info about this or anything at all in fact then please just ask. We are all here for you.

    Best wishes to you and Chris,



    Hello, Nicki

    I’m so glad you’re in touch with CCF and AMMF. I really wish you and Chris the very best of luck with his blood results. My sister was diagnosed at Kings College Hospital and treated at Guy’s in London. I know the Royal Free very well, as I had two knee replacements there!! Great hospital :)

    My sister is constantly getting infections and they make her so very ill, they worry me to death – but then she’s put on a course of IV antibiotics and she rallies incredibly quickly.

    Please let us know how you and Chris are. We’re thinking of you.



    Thanks everyone for your very kind messages of support. We heard back from the radiologist today and he thinks he may be able to help with the new nanoknife treatment but Chris’s blood results, particularly his albium must be good. We will get the latest blood results hopefully tomorrow so wait and see.
    Thanks Gavin, I am in contact with Helen at AMMF, she is an angel!

    Thanks again,



    Hi Nicki,

    Welcome to the site. Glad that you’ve joined us here but sorry that ypu had to find us all. And I’m sorry to hear about your husband Chris. But I do know that you will get loads of support and help from us all here so please keep coming back here. We have quite a few members here from the UK, me included, and I am sure that they will be along soon to offer their experiences of treatments etc in the UK.

    Have you thought about seeking a second opinion for Chris? Helen in the UK runs her AMMF charity and her site has a list of specialist treatment centres in the UK that may be of use to you. Here’s a link to it –

    If we can help in any way at all then please just ask and we’ll do what we can to help you. We are here for you. We know what you are going through and we care.

    Best wishes,



    Nicki: Welcome! You will find a lot of support from the people on this site. We are a very caring group of people and will give you as much support as you need with issues. A lot of us have a lot of personal experience having traveled the journey that you and Chris are now traveling.

    Once they are able to get Chris onto the correct antibotics to clear up the sepsis he should be getting stronger. My husband Tom experienced many bouts with severe infections/sepsis of the liver. Although he hated having to be on antibotics 6 – 8 weeks at a time, it was in his best interests. There were many times that I felt he would not ‘pull out of it’ but antibotics can do wonderful things.

    Having said that, surgery, Nanoknife etc may not always be an option. It depends upon the placement of the tumor. If the tumor involves the hepatic artery then surgery is NOT an option. Simply too dangerous. When my husband Tom re-occured his tumor was wrapped around the hepatic artery therefore surgery wasn’t an option. He did go through radiation and chemo for that tumor. You may want to discuss the option of radiation with Chris’ doctors.

    Hope this helps. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chris.
    Go with God, and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer.



    Nicki….a warm welcome from me to you. I am so sorry to hear of Chris becoming weaker. Has the sepsis been cured?
    I have learned that chemotherapy cannot be given unless the liver can tolerate it therefore, Chris must become stronger first.
    In regards to the newly occurring tumors: Had the radiologist explained to you as to why radiation may not be helpful? Is it due to vascular invasion, location of tumors or viability of the non-resected portion of his liver? You might also want to search out one or more opinions from a physician familiar with this disease.
    Until others have a chance to chime in I would like you to know that we care and are here for you. Please, keep us posted.


    Hello everyone, I have been reading your postings for many months but this is my first post. Chris became jaundiced last June, 2 stents failed and he had 2 drains put into his liver. We were fortunate enough for Chris to have a liver resection at the Royal Free hospital in London last Aug 9. His recovery was tough with a liver abcess thrown in. Unfortunately, he cc was in 4 lymph nodes too so Chris started the gem/cis chemo last Nov. The first two ct scans were ok but the latest one in April shows a return with several new tumors. He was admitted into hospital with billary sepsis two weeks ago and had iv antibiotics. Just dont know now what to do for the best. We saw a radiologist in London this week about Nanoknife but he was not convinced it would help much. Also, they are saying possibly some more chemo if Chris is well enough. He is getting quite weak now, his albium is low, CA19.9 high, what to do the best for him. Nicki

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